Can You Find the Terrible Template?

If you had a salesperson who was going through a sales presentation and constantly choking on step four of that presentation process, you’d find a way to fix the issue in step four…


Better presentations lead to more sales, right?

Guess what? There is a point in your automated follow-up process that is choking and affecting not only the remainder of your follow-up campaigns, but possibly your deliverability to your other customers.

Here’s what I mean…

People Want to Talk to People on the Phone

Adwords recently announced a new call-only campaign that allows dealerships (and other businesses) to promote and encourage consumers to give them a call. With call-only ads, a click is directly translated into a phone call. This means MORE CALLS!


Did you know that about 70 percent of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results?

Prior to the call-only campaign, Adwords had a call extension feature which allowed dealerships to promote their phone number within an ad. This feature proved to be useful; however the call-only campaign is much more deliberate and direct with its tactics. If a consumer had any indecision about calling with the previous call extension feature, that feeling will be extinguished as the new campaign puts the telephone number upfront in bigger, bolder and bright blue text.

This strategy is going to more successful for dealerships because we rely on those calls. If you find yourself banging your head against a wall because you’re sick of counting website clicks – this could be for you.

Ugly or Not – Your Face has Persuasive Powers! Who knew?

It’s Sunday morning and my phone buzzes with a notification. Text? Email? Nope. I was just tagged in a Facebook photo.

the power of the "Face"

That makes sense because I have that ONE paparazzi friend. You know who I’m talking about. The friend whose life mission is to relentlessly photograph every outing. He awkwardly snaps photos at any possible chance. He interrupts meals for photos. He bothers busy waiters to ask for group shots.

My phone buzzes again. Facebook really wants me to check out paparazzi friend’s photo.

What do I do? I obviously check it. I have to. But what do I really do? What is the first thing I subconsciously do when looking at a photo?

LeadSift Infographic Twitter Engagement

Is it better to answer an upset customer on Twitter, or should you take the conversation to email?

Is it okay for a business to use emoticons in your tweets OR do you need to keep it professional?

LeadSift examined over 10,000 randomly selected interactions from brands and small businesses on their LeadSift platform to see what works, and what doesn’t. Take a look at the following infographic for 10 ways Leadsift recommends to improve your Twitter engagement.

Here are just a few findings from the survey:

  • Including a user’s first name in a response increases engagement by 20%
  • Using positive emoticons in a response increases engagement by 67%
  • Including a user’s first name in a response increases engagement by 20%

Save the infographic above for quick reference to more ways to improve your twitter engagement.

Don’t BLOW your First Impression, 5 Tips to Stand Out!

It’s a proven FACT, the first impression will make you OR break you. So don’t blow it!

Don't blow your first frame image

In the world of online video, the first impression…IS your first frame image.

If you’re an avid DealerRefresh reader, then I don’t need to tell you how a personalized video is one, if not the best, way to introduce yourself and your dealership to a potential customer while distinguishing yourself from your competitors.

It’s THE opportunity that must be taken advantage of.  Nearly everyone is watching videos on their mobile devices and using videos to make purchasing decisions. But if you don’t pay attention to your first frame image and thumbnail display, you are missing a huge opportunity!

Don’t blow that opportunity by sending them a video with an unappealing first frame image.

The right first frame image is crucial!

The right first frame image is crucial!

If you’re new to sending personalized videos to your prospects, you may not have paid much attention to the first frame. The first frame is the “movie still” that displays in online video player before your prospect clicks the PLAY button to watch the video – or doesn’t.

Not sure how to improve that first frame? Here are 5 tips to to help prevent you from BLOWING your first impression. See them in action…

Organizing Your Custom Website Content To Track ROI

It is extremely important you understand that if you can’t track the ROI of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content writing investments, your manager(s) will likely pull the money from the budget for these services.

automotive seo

It is equally important to face the reality that you will likely change or upgrade website technology in the next few years so you must protect your original content investments. The only way to easily track the ROI of your earned media strategies is to organize where the content is published on your website.

I am suggesting that you create a small number of directories on your website that will contain your customized web pages that have been created for marketing campaigns and SEO strategies. If all the content is properly organized, when you change or upgrade website technology, it will be very easy to move the custom pages to the next platform.

You can advise the website provider to transfer over all pages in your sub-directory folders. You will able to inspect the cutover because you can simply count the number of pages in the old sub-directory and compare it to the number of pages in the new sub-directory.

Here are some suggestions for the content directory structure:

An Argument for Personalization in 2015

Okay, we get it. 2015 is the year of Customer Experience. But what is the first tangible step that a dealership can take toward not just better customer experience, but the sort of award winning, mind blowing, shareworthy, life changing customer experience that will convert your prospects into loyalists?

Aaron's Personalized Marriott Video

The answer is so simple it is simply overlooked: