Good Enough for Tesla, Good Enough for Dealers?

If you agree that Tesla Motors is a smart company, like’m or not.. keep reading. If not, I doubt you get too excited about this.  

tesla trade offer on homepage

Have you recently been on teslamotors? I was and I took notice to something. Simplicity. An image, 4 calls to action (CTA), one promotional statement, and a few navigation links at the top.

4 CTA:

  • Order
  • Test Drive
  • Apply for Leasing
  • Value My Trade-In

1 Promotional:

  • $575/mo after gas savings

Three Ways to get the EDGE with Video – WEBINAR

Date: October 7, 2015
Time: 12:00 EST
Event: Three Ways to get the EDGE with Video - WEBINAR
Registration: Click here to register.

Three Ways to get the EDGE with Video – WEBINAR

Refresher’s – John Colban over at Authntk WalkAround Video is hosting a quick webinar tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12 EST. I’m going to join him.

Listen…years ago only a few dealers were leveraging online reviews. As more and more dealers jumped on the wagon it lost a quite a bit of its effectiveness. Everyone’s doing it. I’m NOT saying don’t utilize DealerRater or other online review portals, I’m merely saying there was a point when only a few dealers were obtaining and utilizing online reviews. Those dealers…were reaping the initial benefits.

Online reviews was that rare “Silver Bullet“. And still is for dealers talking it to the next level.

One to one walkaround videos is the new “Silver Bullet”. It produces some amazing results. It’s one of those services and processes that gives you a real leg up on the competition. It won’t be long (1-3 more years) before most dealers/sales professionals witness the results and are sending one to one videos to all potential customer leads. Selling more cars. Selling more service on the spot.

Video isn’t easy. Don’t be fooled. But remember how hard it was/is to get your sale sand service team to get online reviews? But you figured out. Video is the same. It takes time and perseverance, but the results are OH SO SWEET!

Tomorrow on the webinar, John is going to go over a few ways to get the edge using video while reviewing Authntk’s WalkAround Video Mobile App and online service. It’s not a sales pitch but it will contain some best practices using WAV, which most could be applied to any video platform service you’re using. I too will be jumping in to tell a few stories on how dealers are using video and getting SWEET results.

Join us – Tomorrow (Wednesday October 7th) at 12 Noon EST.

* I don’t work for WalkAround Video but I do have an interesting story on how my relationship with them came about. If you want to know – call me. I don’t receive any money form WAV expect for the advertising here on DealerRefresh that I make them pay; the same rate as everyone else. 😉

“Consumers are quickly learning to to operate in a mobile-only world.”


Over a year ago a thread was started in the forums about someone who’s never owned a computer because, well – he simply didn’t need one. This SlideShare is full of great stats and information. I particularly like the quote about customers not being so understanding anymore when things just don’t work….

Apple and Google: Mobile Apps Now a Significant Part of SEO

Apps have been a long, contentious conversation in automotive retail. While there is no doubt that the smartphone and mobile is the future communication channel, the question on the minds of today’s marketers has always been ROI.  Will investment in mobile strategies impact today’s buyer?


Thanks to Google and new mobile search criteria, if you aren’t already heavily investing in apps, you may be negatively affecting your SEO ranking. Apps are now a ranking factor in mobile search results and are indexed just like websites.

Does Your Dealership Tell Used Car Buyers What They Want to Hear?

Every used car is like a snowflake

Used cars aren’t like new cars – each one is “like a snowflake“, no two are the same, depending on where it’s been and who has owned it.

Logically, this means that, unlike new cars, every used car needs to be marketed slightly differently so their unique stories can be highlighted and buyers can understand the pros and cons of their used car purchase.

In doing consumer research earlier this year, we discovered, not surprisingly, that consumers’ biggest concerns when buying a used car is getting a clear picture of its current condition – including how key features, such as brakes, batteries and tires have been maintained or reconditioned, as well as accident and service history.

And, because most used car shoppers are also looking to get as many “features for the buck” as they can – things like MP3 and Bluetooth support top the list, but high performance tires, heated seats, keyless entry and rear view cameras aren’t far behind – they also want to easily understand what features a used car might offer.

When listing used cars on your own website and/or used car marketplaces, is your dealership highlighting the obvious things consumers want to know?

In all likelihood, the answer to that question is “No”. In fact, we recently analyzed millions of used vehicle listings across numerous used car marketplaces and found that fewer than 50% of them included any seller comments at all – whether they were customized or auto generated. Clearly, customized comments will let you highlight what makes a particular car unique and will help you move it off the lot. In fact, think about how you market used cars on the lot – you are likely talking about the features you know will sell the car not just listing facts like color, price, MPG and mileage.

Which is exactly what the majority of seller comments did include! The top items mentioned in dealer seller comments are items that are typically already included in a standard listing! And fewer than 3% of the comments we analyzed included any reference to reconditioning information (tires, brakes, batteries) – this is a HUGE opportunity for dealers.

“We’d love to think our used car managers are walking around every car writing a perfect custom description…that just doesn’t happen…any data we can provide to the store to create great custom comments is a plus,” Bill Simmons of Haley Auto Group

For more findings and detailed information, dealerships can download the full CarStory How to Convert Used Car Shoppers to Buyers white paper at While you’re over there, check out their free market reports for on your dealership website. – Kershner

4 Steps to Take the Eeeek out of Video

It’s clear to me that participation on social media is no longer optional for dealerships or professional salespeople. Overwhelmingly, however, most are still missing that one key component in their social presence…



Video offers the most incredible opportunity for visibility, as well as creating connection and building trust, but it remains the least utilized medium in our industry. One reason for this is the genuine discomfort most people experience when imagining or attempting to film a video.

The good news is that discomfort can be easily overcome with these four simple steps:

1. Frame It Up

The opportunity to use video for increased visibility is incredible. Before planning or executing your first video, spend a moment focusing on why you are engaging in this activity. Familiarize yourself with stats like; video is 53 times more likely to make the first page of Google. Online visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.

There is an abundance of tangible proof online that demonstrates video marketing delivers results. When garnering the enthusiasm to film your first video, purpose can be a powerful motivator.

Current State of Dealership Websites – PCG Research Reveals

Considering a new website for your dealership?

PCGResearch dealership website platforms

Before taking the plunge, you may want to consider downloading the latest PCG Research report on the current state of automotive dealership websites here in the States.

Be prepared, the report is 30 pages deep. Thirty pages of valuable information that will help steer you down a more educated path of decision making while comparing some of the top selling website platforms that are offered to dealers.

The report that Brian and the PCG Research team have put together this year outlines a new set of standards, a constructive checklist for dealers to utilize.

Here is one of the summary tables included in the report which compares key features between some of the largest website providers:

PCG Website Features Study


Dealers who are researching the latest features and innovations in website platforms will be well served by reading this report. Based on PCG research and knowledge of the website marketplace, here are several conclusions highlighted in the report: