The Internet Shopper Experience Chart

Over morning coffee, doing research on visual information (infographics), came across this chart that totally nailed the internet shopper experience.


I about fell out of my chair.

An image so simple sums up the Internet Shopping Experience (regardless of industry). It’s a cornerstone in my internet marketing efforts.

THERE ARE 2 SLOPES, a down slope and an up slope.

  • Emotion rules the shopper on either slope.
  • Gathering of Information and consumption of time are directly correlated. (same axis)
  • Shoppers on the down slope are seeking “information satisfaction” (the apex)
  • Patience is the enemy of the shopper on the UP slope.
  • Shoppers on the up slope have passed “information satisfaction”, are now seeking an exit

Give me Mr. Up Slope!

Wherefor art thou Mr Up Slope? Hmmm…a cookie based system to tailor a custom message based on the number of visits, or, the time since last visit… hmmm…need more coffee…

Reference: Indexed Blog Archive Needles and haystacks and such.

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