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5 Reasons Why Your Sales Department Shouldn’t Take that Phone Call

With today’s connected customer, there really are only a few types of phone calls your team will find themselves involved with. Gone are the days of a customer phoning and saying, “I need something good on gas for under $8,000; what do you have on the lot?” Today’s customer, whether a millennial or a baby …
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Are Your New Car Specials, Really Special?

Nearly every dealer website provider offers a New Car Specials feature, so why is it NOT a big part of your marketing strategy? Maybe because it’s like pulling teeth. Whether you call them “New Car Specials”, “Offers”, “Deals”, “Incentives”, or just simply “Specials” chances are good you have a page dedicated to your best new …
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What Retail Automotive Can Learn from College Sports Recruiting

T: What your dealership can learn from College Sports Recruiting! http://xxxx Another must read article from @CraneAutoHR T: Dealers stop settling for what’s available and start working to attract the best players for your team. Here's how - http://xxxx w/ @CraneAutoHR F: In retail automotive we tend to go after whoever performs the best in the interview, or in desperate times whoever shows up to the interview. Dealers, stop settling for what’s available and start working hard to attract the best and most talented players. Consider this... Another great article on Human Capital Strategies from Candice Crane / @CraneAutoHR
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RepairPal Certified Service and and RepairPal have had a partnership of some degree dating back to 2008. Here’s a snippet from the 2008 announcement… RepairPal will join forces with to deliver a unique experience for consumers needing automobile repair and ownership information. The two companies will work together to deliver a co-branded site, free to consumers. Key …
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Your Service Department Isn’t Prepared for What’s Going to Happen

Let’s face it. Our Dealership Service departments don’t always have the best reputation. Too often, they’re perceived as being overpriced and pushy when compared to the trustworthy shadetree mechanic next door, the independent auto repair center down the street or even the Midas shop across from your office. On top of the ever-growing competition, most …