Hey All,

New to the DealerRefresh forum, but wanted to thank you all for your contributions.  Always entertaining and informative to read.  I was hoping to open a dialogue about custom content on FB/IG – and what ya’ll think is working (or not) for you.

Programmatic approaches aside (dynamic inventory retargeting, etc…) – I’m just discussing custom made creative content produced by your teams – including outside agencies – if that’s how you roll.

My macro view and goal for our group on social – humanize the brand.

Recently, I was discussing with my team the value (or cost) associated with custom video content and whether it’s worth the effort…we have some reoccurring content pieces we make in-house (with a little outsourced help) such as:

Some of these pieces of content are more expensive than others – both in terms of labor/attention/time resources, and actual invoiced dollars.

So focusing in on one video – from FB business metrics > audience retention, an example of engagement:

50% of audience lost by :06, only about 5% watch to the end!   :dontdoit: Pretty disappointing!  Although on it’s surface we might feel ok with ‘views’ or ‘shares’ or ‘comments’…


Most videos we’ve made have very similar engagement patterns.  I suppose we could ignore this and high five each other with the vanity metrics but that seems silly and it feels (to me anyway) ‘expensive’ and a ‘luxury’ to produce.

So I’m wondering if anyone is having measurably different success with engagement on any video content?

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