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4 Content Marketing Boosters

Content creation and consumption is going to hit an all time high this year. Are you ready?

If you’ve already gotten into the groove of creating and sharing content then you’re right on time (and feel free to share your success stories in the comments). But, if you’re still sitting at the corner of “this is a fad and I don’t know how to create content”, then here are some encouraging helpful hints.

Catchy Title:

Chances are anything you’re shelling out for content is going to be consumed mid afternoon (seriously, it’s a fact, during mid to late afternoon web traffic takes off). So, anything you’re putting out there needs to have the ability to grab attention in one sentence – the title.

  • 3 Reasons your car is leaking oil
  • 1 easy step to marry your phone with your car’s technology
  • 3 Times to use 4WD (and 3 times to skip it)
  • 1 Reason to book service at (Best Dealership)
  • 7 Reasons to use Manufacturer Parts

Longer Really is Better:

In the past any content at any length was acceptable – well, those days are long gone. Now, to be effective, you’re going to have to write longer posts with more information, more detail and more of more. Longer posts will equal more time on site and higher engagement. A longer post indicates valid information and will additionally give the reader the warm and fuzzies.

Design is as important as Content:

Just like the content needs to be relevant and share-worthy, the design in your post needs to have a wow-factor. Let’s not go info-graphic crazy, but be sure to include an appealing graphic that complements your topic.

Spread the Good Word:

Your work isn’t done once you’ve written the content and created a kick ass graphic. Now, your new goal is to get your post and information spread like wild fire. Whether you’re route to distribution is an email blast or utilizing the reach of social media – get your word out.

Spread the good word you’re putting out great content. Pay for some ads about your great content. Promoted tweets, for example. When is the last time you put your latest content cutie on Instagram and Vine?

How’s your dealerships content strategy looking for 2014? 

What are you using to help inspire your content creation?

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