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7 Expert Post-Sale Video Ideas To Try Today

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in sales is front-loading all of your effort. An amateur salesman works really hard to bring customers in and then sell them a vehicle. Once the sale is over, their efforts belong to the next prospect.

An experienced salesman knows every customer driving away in their new car is a potential ad, a repeat customer, or a five-star reviewer. The experienced salesman knows the goal isn’t necessarily the dotted line, but creating and cultivating a relationship.

That’s why what you do after every sale can make or break your business.

Investing time in customers, post-sale, cultivates relationships, builds maintenance and fixed op loyalty, and increases referrals and repeat customers.

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A simple “Thank You” goes a long way. The fact that a consumer chose you among other dealerships and salesmen deserves a 30 second video. Remember, the goal is a lifelong relationship, with you being their go-to resource for everything automotive.


Review requests are one of the most popular videos we see. Not only are they more effective than sending an email, but you have the opportunity to simplify a process that can be daunting to people. Explain how to fill out a CSI email or leave an online review. Explain why these surveys and reviews are so paramount to you.


Video is a fantastic way to gain referrals. You’re one click away from being face-to-face with potential buyers. A simple forward of a text or email by your customer is all it takes and as we all know, the value of a referral from a friend or family member is like gold!

   4. HOW-TO

How-To videos go the extra mile. The tech options in vehicles now can be extremely intimidating. We’ve seen salesmen take the time to shoot a quick instructional video on things like backup cameras, smartphone-syncing, even Pandora.


Do you have any updates or reminders for your customer? It’s another opportunity to show your face, personality, and stay top-of-mind. Confirming details about tags, titles, payments, parts arrivals, and informing on recalls are all great examples.


Set reminders on your calendar for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions. You’d be hard to find anything that helps you stand out more than a birthday or holiday message from a car salesman. Note things like vacations, kid’s games, graduations, etc., perfect for well wishes and announcing special deals.


Shoot a video for the yearly purchase anniversary, even if you weren’t the salesman that sold the vehicle. Introduce yourself as the point of contact and remind customers of service deals and the status of their warranty.


What are you doing to make sure you are gaining customers for life, and not just one purchase?

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