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A DealerRefresh Recap: Cybertrucks, TikTok, Plans for 2020, and More

Happy holiday season, Refreshers!

It’s time to recap some of November’s best forum topics, running the gamut from social media, digital retailing updates, Tesla’s latest reveal, plans for the next decade, and a few surprises.

Special Ad Categories & Other Social Topics

If you haven’t heard by now, Facebook requires advertisements be categorized under the new Credit category. @John.H does a fantastic job of explaining the update, and you can find a list of targeting changes that will affect the way you advertise in his break down of the changes. Make sure your vendors are aware of the new categories and ask them if they’ve updated your ads to be in compliance. (The deadline to implement new category updates is December 4th. Fail to do so, and your ads will stop running.)

Speaking of social ads, Facebook advertising attribution is a topic that can be a bit touchy. Get some tips from @Billy B (this thread is great to read when you’ve got a few minutes to spare) and join in the discussion. Know you’re getting leads but not sure how many are converting? Looking for new funnel techniques? Billy has some incredible tips that are sure to get your wheels turning, just in time for the new year.

Enough about advertising on the blue giant… Let’s switch gears and talk about TikTok. With new platforms emerging all the time, it will be interesting to see whether the app will grow into a viable platform in the coming months and years. Will the demographic currently using the platform move out of the app by the time they reach car-buying age? Do you think TikTok is headed toward the grave with Vine, or will it lead the pack of burgeoning platforms that dealerships should be aware of? If so, how do you envision dealerships utilizing it?

Digital Retailing – Yes, We’re Still Talking About It

@Alex Snyder laid down the facts early in the month, continuing the conversation on the digital retailing discussion that’s been running since the beginning of the year. If you missed our Refresh Friday on the subject, have a listen.

We’ve also seen varying viewpoints on whether or not displaying payment information will help attract customers or scare them away… What are your thoughts? Be sure to check out truPayments’ @Tarry Shebesta take on Digital Retailing.

Tesla’s Cybertruck

We’ll keep this one short and sweet.

We’ve all seen it. We all have opinions. In case you haven’t voiced yours yet, why not chime in on our Tesla truck thread?

Here Come the Roaring ‘20s

If Tesla’s Cybertruck doesn’t signal the dawn of a new era, the turn of a new century certainly does. As the year comes to a close, it would be a shame if we didn’t discuss plans and ideas for the next year and the coming decade. Toss @ryan.gerardi a bone and lets start a discussion about some of the best resources to stay on top of industry updates and develop new strategies.

And in case you need an extra dose of positivity to push through the end of the year, bookmark this thread and revisit it whenever you need a little inspiration. Big thanks to @joe.chura for the idea!

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