Lets explore this issue:

Here is the mission of the AAISP: "to enhance and improve the professional stature and prestige of Internet sales professionals within the automotive industry, facilitate the exchange of information among and between members, and make available program and service initiatives designed to assist members in the performance of their professional responsibilities"

Realistically Reworded: "to promote the awarenesss of the importance of Internet Sales Professionals, increase communication between Internet Sales Professionals, to provide and profit from programs and services designed to make Internet Sales Professionals feel as if they need certification"

I think you can see where this is going......
I looked breifly into the AAISP and for a minute there everything sounded GREAT! However I researched the conference and realized that the expenses were a little to high($149/year + $395 Registration). Not only that, the whole event is just a "pitch fest" and Sales Training "buy in" attempt. Where is the VALUE?? Having a SEO Seminar with a guy who runs Sales at a SEO Company seems a little fishy no matter how you hide it. The whole Organization just had a bad "freemason" feel to it.....

In conclusion, I'm sure that there is somewhat valueable training available to Hungry Internet Sales Professionals. However, I would like to see the Cost/Benefit Analysis on that one!

Why can Internet Sales Professionals just freely exchange ideas and information through FANTASTIC AUTOMOTIVE BLOG SITES like DealerRefresh and Carfeine.com??

Jake Wirth
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  • July 18, 2006
I do agree with you on the purpose of their certification program. However, I thought that the conference was great! And I do think that dealers sharing their tips and comments on their processes and department ia a terrific idea. Unless you are the competition down the street, I think everyone can benefit from any type of information/education available.
IMO, all associations are designed to organize a market. It's a very complex form of marketing that is old, but proven. However, with Web 2.0, blogs, word-of-mouth marketing, CGM, etc., the exchange of information no longer needs to be contained within an "association" where the top benefits from the bottom-feeders. Your site (and soon my site: eautosalesblog.com) will be the new venues for the FREE exchange of information.