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Are You Texting Your Customers?

It’s no secret texting has become a go-to option with your dealership’s prospective customers. In fact, several studies show that more than 98% of your customers will read a text sent to them within two minutes! Not to mention, unlike email, your customer will continue to see the text message in their inbox (each time they open it) until they respond (that’s the goal!) or they delete it. To make sure you are making the most of texting, here are some, dare I say “best practices,” things to consider.

Use Your CRM for Texting If Possible.

Most CRM’s offer texting. If not, there are vendors that can easily connect with your CRM. Texting from the CRM is very important for a few reasons. One, you can easily keep track of what your employees are saying to the customer. And as a manager, you can effectively jump in when needed offering your sales consultant or BDC Agent practical tips. The other key reason to text from the CRM has to do with compliancy. Just like phone calls and emails, there are guidelines/restrictions per your state. So, by texting out of the CRM, it helps ensure that you are compliant!

Having A Conversation with the Customer on their Time! 

One of the great benefits of texting with your customer is it allows them to respond on their time! The idea that you can easily text the customer a VDP (vehicle of interest), links to the credit application, or anything else pertinent to the customer’s questions, and they can reply when ready. Now keep in mind, just like using email in the CRM, you can easily add tracked links to the text message! This way, your sales consultants or BDC Agents can see if the customer has clicked through the link. Or, in some cases, the customer might even have the “read” messages turned on in their settings, allowing you to see if they have seen the text message.

Going back to “having the conversation” on the customer’s time, this is a sure way to offer the customer a no-hassle way of communicating with you. Think about it, if the customer is busy, in a meeting, or simply not available, they are likely distracted when speaking with you on the phone. So, if they can go back and see where they left off, it can keep the customer focused on the conversation. Keep in mind that the goal – even with texting – is to get the customer to book an appointment/meeting. Just an appointment they booked through texting!

What if the Customer is Dodging the Appointment? Give them A Call.

At the end of the day, the goal is to get the customer to come in for an appointment (or to commit to a meeting, whether virtual or offsite, home/office, etc). So, if you find yourself not getting to the appointment – after answering their questions – it best to set up a quick call with the customer. This way, you are calling them at a time that works for them and can answer any outstanding questions (potential objections) that are holding them back from booking the appointment. Once you get the customer on the phone, remember to ask the key questions (your script) to make sure you have covered all of the details. In doing so, you increase your chances of turning that text/phone call into an appointment!

How do you handle texting at your dealership? Have you seen an increase in texting with your customers in the last year?


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