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Are we getting smarter?

I was just catching my daily dose of TUAW.com (a site for Apple geeks) and came across two articles:  Is my iPhone making me dumber & Is my iPhone making me smarter?  Those articles are interesting ways to look at what technology has done for us.  But forget Apple and the iPhone for a minute because I want to talk about all the fantastic resources made available to us in the car biz.  What could I be talking about?  I’ll give you a hint – you’re looking at one right now.  Those articles got me thinking about DealerRefresh, ADM, DrivingSales, and all the others like Pasch’s, Kain’s….there are getting to be too many to list.

Sure, some might call each of these sites competition for the other, but that doesn’t matter either.  By the way, Jeff and I don’t view anyone as competition – it is all for the greater good. All of these sites, collectively, enhance our knowledge and answer our questions.  They’re free and contain some really incredible info.

It wasn’t that long ago when you had to rely solely on 20 Groups, Automotive News, or a vendor’s seminar to get a different perspective on things or to even know something else existed.  I think these resources are making us all smarter.  My only question is:  Why aren’t more people participating?

As DealerRefresh is approaching its 6 year birthday with the blog and just had its first birthday on the forums, I want to pass my thanks to everyone who has freely given their time and knowledge to make this site so great.  I also want to pass a thanks to those who have done the same on the other automotive resource sites too.  Ralph, Jared, David, Brian, and everyone else who has provided the platforms – thank you!  And Jeff – thanks for posting your thoughts online all those years ago.

Now we can all sing kumbaya together – lol

Have any of these Automotive Resource Sites helped you?  If so, how?

Who knew an argument with Jeff Kershner, in 2005, would lead to Alex becoming a partner with him on DealerRefresh. Where will the next argument take ...
Being a Canadian with little to no resources this site has been my bible.

All the best,


Car Chat 24 - Canada
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    Jeff Kershner
  • May 12, 2010
Are we getting smarter?

Hummm, there are pockets of success and no doubt your metropolitan dealers have had to make the leap to "getting smarter". We are also starting to slowly see a younger generation come about in this business that by default makes us smarter. Hopefully. The younger generation is more tech savoy but are committed to a 40 hour work week.

Getting back to the metropolitan dealers, where the competition is stiff, many of these dealers have oh so slightly adapted to change. But as you move out - is amazing how disconnected most of the dealers continue to be.

Truth is, most PEOPLE do NOT educate themselves. They continue to go through life doing the same thing, complaining about the same ol shit. They never pick up a book, never read a blog or join a forum for higher education. Heck, I worked for one of the largest dealer groups in the united states and only 2 sales people were reading and continue to read and contribute here on DR.

I have been asking the question " Why aren’t more people participating?" for a few years now. Heck when I first started dealerrefresh I was writing to myself the first 2 years. Contrary to what others say, I believe it was the first real blog/forum of it's kind for our industry. 6 years later and yes we have grown, there are more players providing great information (Alex listed them in the post) but for the size of this industry one would think there would be way more participation. I guess look at it on the bright side - we all still have a lot of growing to do and the DR forums continues to see more new dealers becoming part of the community week after week.
You asked 3 questions here 1. Have these resources helped & how? No Brainer YES! How? The generosity of an online community that shares best practices, ideas,etc. That was the easy question. Your best question and the one maybe I'm glad you had to ask. Why aren’t more people participating? I don't know but that sure gives those of us that do frequent these forums a definite advantage in this competitive marketplace. So I can't answer that but I can say Thanks to everyone who participates as it has no doubt helped me in my career as a Internet Car Guy!Good Stuff!
Dealer Refresh is one of a few websites I check daily. There is always something new and different available. I may not always agree with what is posted, but it does start me thinking in new directions.

However, there is a disturbing trend going on in Central Ohio. Virtually all dealerships feel they have the internet figured out. Yet 95% don't have a clue. I have seen dealerships change websites for the sake of change, and never monitor any metrics. Follow up processes are still stuck with what was good 5 years ago. Some stores are even increasing their print advertising. And the dealer I work for is as guilty as anybody.

So, keep doing what you are doing, we'll keep learning and someday somebody will listen to me!
DEALER REFRESH stands for (DR), with that being said thanks DR for helping fix my issues and looking after all of us. Jeff and Alex and all of the moderators have done a great job, brought insight to all of us and keeps me coming back to gain more knowledge on a daily basis.
WOW! As a DDC client it's great to have another talented resource with Dealer.com!

And someone else to ride glades at Stowe this winter.....some surf sets with <a href="http://www.wakesurfvt.com/WakeSurfVT.com/WakesurfVT_Home.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.wakesurfvt.com/WakeSurfVT.com/Wakesurf...</a>
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    Dan ONeil
  • May 15, 2010
I find it interesting that not many ISM&#039;s participate.There is a wealth of knowledge and you can keep a pulse on business.

Along with tyring to learn things by visiting DR, I decided to subscribe to autonews. I just like to keep up with the auto industry. After the 1st autonews showed up my wife said &quot;what did you do that for, it&#039;s $89 a year for heavens sake. I get my PEOPLE mag every week for alot less&quot;.

Maybe DR needs to be free in order for people to participate? Oh, that&#039;s right, it is free.

DR should be a no brainer and I think I am getting smarter.

Thank you Jeff &amp; Alex.
Car dealers are people too! As social networking expands into the habit of our daily lives the foundations that were built by DealerRefresh, DrivingSales.Com, InternetSalesManager.Com, Auttr.Com, DealerElite.Net,ADM,DealerAdvisorNation, AskPatty.Com and even by OEM representatives like Scott Monty from Ford Motors -- you get the point -- will be referenced in the history that they helped to create.

The ability to &quot;network the networkers&quot; by linking their indiviual content in a communal site with reciprocal links creditting each for their contributions to the communal good is a concept that was recently experimented with that will be born again in a soon to be announced site; but I don&#039;t want to focus on it as much as the people that will surely support it. The rising tide that floats all boats is powered by the information and best practices that are shared on the referenced auto industry and automotive advertising resource / networking portals that create and nurture it.

After all, what are friends for!
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  • May 20, 2010
Here&#039;s another blog I stumbled across. Looks new, but interesting.