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Between 30 Seconds and 2 Minutes – Makes ALL the Difference

Car shoppers prefer videos between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.

Recording and sending personalized walkaround videos to potential customers is a new strategy for many dealerships, therefore best practices have only recently emerged. As a result, dealers and their sales consultants often struggle with incorporating video into the sales process while also improving video engagement to conversion performance. And as you know once one starts to struggle with something new, it’s often abandoned – no matter how effective it can be.

My advice – DO NOT give up on video, the benefits are too rewarding. Automotive News has been telling the industry for some time now that “videos sell cars.” Now a new video study by Cox Automotive reports that 65% of consumers consider video an important part of their car-shopping process.

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But what if you’re using video and not getting the results you’d hoped for? There may be ONE contributing factor that will be EASY to determine and tweek…


Consumers Want Short but Informative Videos

This rings true for me. I like to watch short, informational videos to help me make a decision. If the video runs under 30 seconds, I might come away unsatisfied. Longer than two minutes, and I will most likely bail out before the end.

The content of the video certainly plays a role, as Aaron Wirtz points out in this must read article – “Shoot Video Like a Rockstar“. Dealerships need to create content that customers want to watch and need to do it in under 2 minutes.

These simple suggestions can make a big difference on your video engagement to conversion.

  • Keep your videos short (under 2 minutes.)
  • Make your videos informative, focus on the exterior and interior.
  • Allow your personality to shine through and create a lasting impression.

What has kept you or your dealership from recording and sending personal WalkAround Video to potential clients?

Let us know here in the dealer forums.

John is the Operations Manager at Authntk Walkaround Videos and has been with the company since its inception. He loves working with auto dealerships ...