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But I Got A Perfect Score!

Aiming to achieve a perfect score on your Mystery Shop is more than just memorizing keywords or sequences. It’s about continually enhancing your performance. The idea that the more you practice and refine your word tracking, the more equipped you will be in handling customer objections. So, when it comes to working with a sales consultant or BD agent that scores perfectly each time, the goal should be to challenge them in new ways. More so, create more objections for them to overcome. No one is perfect, and everyone can use a refresher course here and there. Or, more importantly, tackle objections they are struggling with.

Here are Three Objections that Your Teams Can Work on to further Refine Their Objection Handling Techniques:

I Was Inquiring On “X” Vehicle
(specific vehicle and guess what, it’s sold….)

Ugh, the vehicle inquiry on a car that’s no longer available. I’ve seen top sales consultants simply offer “sorry this vehicle is sold” and not provide other options that could work for the customer. In some cases, if the top sales consultant has already hit their number for the month, they might not go the extra mile to sell another vehicle. This certainly is not the case for everyone. But this does happen, a lot. Every dollar counts when it comes to your dealer’s bottom line, and your paycheck.

I Can Get the Vehicle Cheaper at my Local Dealership

If the customer is calling in on a vehicle and they aren’t in your PMA, it might seem logical – in some cases – to let that customer go. But what your sales consultant or BD agent might not know is that your dealer needs just one or two more vehicle sales to hit the OEM stairstep for the month or the quarter. So instead of letting this opportunity go, it’s best to work through the objections and do what you can to earn the customer’s business. And lest not forget, they called on it for a reason, is price really the objection?

I Have Bad Credit and Had a Repo

There are several unknown factors when it comes to handling these sorts of situations. It can be easy to turn this deal away. But what we don’t know is if the customer has a significant down payment or co-signer that could make the deal happen. So instead of dismissing the call, there might be an opportunity here. And even if the customer cannot purchase a vehicle today, they will usually remember how you treated them. So, when it does come time for them to buy another vehicle, they’re more likely to work with you again.

At the end of the day, a perfect score is a perfect score for that one instance. Gaming the system is just playing yourself! There are still several other objections your sales consultants or BD agents will face when handling inbound calls or internet leads. Top athletes don’t stop training if they’re performing well, right? Instead, they continue to train in areas in which they could improve – if they’re being honest with themselves. The more experience they have with handling these situations, the more chances they have in selling more vehicles!
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