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Cambria Using Website Live Chat Feature to Beat Recession

Innovative UK Automotive Dealer Group Increases Sales, Finds Half of Consumers Using Chat Ultimately Visit Dealership

Cambria Automobiles Holdings Ltd, one of the UK’s fastest growing dealer groups, today announced that over 2,000 customers contacted Cambria dealerships during December 2008 from Cambria’s websites using an innovative Live Chat feature powered by software from US company, Contact At Once!, LLC. The milestone represents a 20% improvement in the overall number of dealership contacts (phone, email, and chat) and has been key to increasing sales and beating the recession for Cambria. SWINDON – January 21, 2009

“Cambria has a history of innovative online marketing initiatives”, said Ian Godbold, Head of Group
Marketing at Cambria Automobiles Holdings Ltd. “but we could never have anticipated the magnitude of the business benefits derived from adding live chat to our websites including, most notably, increased sales that are the direct result of making our associates more accessible to in-market car shoppers.” Cambria has documented results showing that 50% of consumers who initially contact a dealership via chat will ultimately go on to supply their full contact details and visit the dealership.

Besides Cambria’s own websites, the Cambria dealerships also benefit from the same ContactAtOnce!- powered live chat software that is licensed by and deployed on third-party automotive websites such as and

“Customers, whether they are shopping for an Aston Martin or a Fiat, like chat because they get instant answers even when it isn’t convenient for them to pick up a phone and call, for example while at work,” said Godbold. “Our sales associates like it too because ContactAtOnce! was built for automotive sales people – it is simple to use yet powerful.”

About Cambria Automobiles Holdings Ltd
Cambria Automobiles Holdings Ltd is one of the UK’s fastest growing dealer groups. Cambria operates 22 sales and after-sales motor dealerships across England. The dealerships cover a variety of new car franchises, including Aston Martin, Jaguar, Volvo, Ford, Citroen, Nissan, Fiat, Renault and Seat. , ,

About ContactAtOnce! (
Contact At Once!, LLC is a leading provider of Internet marketing tools for automotive sales, apartment leasing and other industries where consumers conduct research online before visiting a dealership or office. The ContactAtOnce! service typically moves at least 25% more website visitors into live conversations with sales people by utilizing a suite of technologies such as presence, IM/chat, VoIP telephony, video chat and text messaging, resulting in increased revenue and a better return on marketing expenditures. ContactAtOnce! is the only solution with features specifically for vertical search websites and over 35 such sites, along with thousands of merchant businesses, are using it today.

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