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Can You Personalize Content for Conversion?

As a ( *cough* using the term loosely) runner, I’ve visited my fair share of running websites. One in particular always has this pop up asking me if I want to download their marathon training plan. My choices are: Yes, I want to PR! Or, No, I like running slow. Uh, thanks website of the year. Excuse me while I go run an extra few miles this week.

According to a recent study by Wayin, the belts on marketing budgets are about loosen up a few notches to make room for personalization on websites. And, much to my annoyance – pop ups are a leading form of popular personalization.  With 53 percent of marketers stating they use pop ups – which was tied with inline content, and that personalized content providing a consumer engagement increase in over 70 percent, it’s no wonder personalization budgets are on the rise.

191997Before you run out and get yourself a fancy pop-up take a deep breath and think about it. Our industry isn’t one size fits all – at all. And, those pesky pop ups that hope to make me question if I need to download a white paper to run a faster half are quickly dismissed because I’m on a mission for CONTENT. That’s what brought me to the site in the first place.

I appreciate personalization as much as the next person. In fact, I rather like that I can drop off my dry cleaning and the folks there know my name. Don’t you like it when you get to your favorite restaurant and don’t have to order your drink because your favorite server is working and he knows exactly what you like…Oh, I’m talking about me there. But, anyway…

Earlier this year, Aaron Wirtz wrote about Personalization at the Dealership and touched on ways you can kick things up a notch within your daily dealership operations to drive home personalization.

Personalizing content on your website is as easy as getting to know your visitors. According to the study, marketers are most likely to segment out visitors and users based on:

  • viewed content
  • location
  • time on site
  • navigation behavior

And, don’t forget one of the most important pieces – device.

The best thing to do after you’ve researched your visitors is to decide what type of personalization is best for your audience. If you have a lot of mobile traffic (which I’m sure you do) is a pop up going to fit your only personalization effort? No, not likely. Knowing the location of your traffic can help you greatly with personalization – start brainstorming.

Show us how you’re personalizing on your website. Do you have unique content that grabs shoppers’ attention and converts them? Reaches their heart and turns them into lifelong customers?


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