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Can’t we just get along?

Wow…some companies are ruthless. I was doing a general search on Google for “websites for auto dealers” and found this Sponsored Link that reads like this.. – Disappointed? Too Expensive? Done? Call for affordable new websites!.

OUCH! This ad is obviously going after BZ Results and targeting dealers that use BZ.

The link took me to MJMI. "Building America’s Best Dealership Websites" seems to be their tag line. Sort of a strong statement if you ask me. I don’t know though, I’ve never worked with or used any of their products. Their sites look “ok” and their ILM/CRM is nothing short of BZ Buzztrak.

I don’t really have an opinion on this but found it interesting how aggressive some of these dealer website site companies are.


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Being a former BZ client, I can appreciate and even get a wicked little grin on my face over this. I know I have ranted on about the BZ on your site before. By the way thank you for providing a soap box on which to stand.

Someone should really speak the truth about BZ. They have made dealers wary about new ideas and services because they sold them up the river with an inferior product and a less than knowledgable support team...Oh, I forgot to mention the iron clad long term contract that is sold off to a leasing company for 80% of face value... so once you realise that their solution is crap... its too late.

It makes automotive e-commerce development even more challenging when there are snake oil salesmen like SEAN WOLFINGTON in our midst... sure he got his 120 million, but what has his product or services done to move the industry forward? Buzzmail? What a revolution!

If anyone else would like to comment on BZ please email me.
I know from many conversations with other BZ clients I am not the only one who feels this way...

Thanks Jeff! Keep up the good work!

All the best,
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    Alan Patterson
  • June 21, 2006
Reading your comments on your disappointment in BZ Results doesn’t surprise me but, being someone who caters to the industry I find the biggest problem is not the tools but the people using them. I do not wish to offend you or generalize you with most but when it comes to Car Salespeople it seems there are very few who are able to navigate their way around a computer let alone manage the structured processes it takes to create sales from the technology the companies of the likes of BZ Results provides.

BZ has a proven record of developing amazing sales results at Dealerships and at those that perform well you will find internally they have an Internet Manager with exception management skills. These types of managers are a rare breed, the likes of Rusty Strange at Beaman Automotive or Marty Paoletta at Lexus of Nashville are worth their weight in gold. You will find that they use totally different lead management programs and at the moment different web sites but in sales they excel.

What makes the difference well for starters if your internet manager does not have business management experience or a computer at home you are kidding yourself to think they will help your dealership produce sales.

I liked working in the industry but I love working on the outside helping others develop what they have. Email me if you or others have any questions or comments.
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