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Dealer’s Digital Marketing Guide to SEO, SEM and Social Networking – FREE Webinar

Date: Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
Time: 1 p.m. (Eastern)
Location: Your Computer
Cost: FREE – Register Here

Join us on March 10th for a Free Webinar

Join DealersEdge and Brian Pasch of Pasch Consulting Group for a FREE webinar March 10th.

Spend 90 minutes with Brian on March 10th and you will learn

  • How simple changes in your SEO strategies can make a huge difference.
  • How being clever with your Google Maps title can help you jump ahead of your competition.
  • How to use Facebook as a productive marketing platform.
  • How to use Social Tagging to turn your website into a viral marketing machine.
  • How to buy ads on Facebook that will drive local results.
  • How social network alternatives can help you create a “controllable” social network for your dealership.
  • How to use Craigslist, Google Base and VAST as dealership selling tools and how to automate your inventory into these sites with
  • Why Blogging works for auto dealers and tips on how to start your own blog.
  • How to use news releases to drive traffic to your website and as an SEO strategy.
  • The checklist for creating a viral marketing action plan for your dealership.

Registration Info:
This Webinar is a Free service brought to you by DealersEdge and The Pasch Consulting Group.  Your only cost will be for the phone call to connect to the audio portion of the program.  Presentation slides will be presented via the Internet, using the GoToWebinar platform.

Registration is Limited –  Connections to this event are limited to 300.  That might sound like a lot, but our most recent free Webinar far exceeded that number and tested the limits of the GoToWebinar phone circuits.  So please, if you plan to attend, register as early as possible.

Space is Limited – So Register Now

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
C seo webinar from some company that has site wide footer links for "" and "" -- a hot strategy that absolutely works wonders, and one of the links is a 404 not found. he's also got w3 validator links that reveal his site doesn't validate. i'm not big on validation, but i don't see the point in having the link on a page that doesn't validate. hopefully brian will stick to the basics until his own web properties can satisfy even the basic guidelines google provides like, "Check for broken links and correct HTML."

i know i should just bite my tongue on this kind of stuff, but holy crap.
Awesome, hope to learn something.
It never ceases to amaze me that as I try to reach out an educate our industry, people take cheap shots whenever they can.

I take time to provide training and articles to help car dealers and the haters come out of the woodwork.

I place the W3 validator links to allow me to easily check my updates when I can. As fast as I'm posting, things can get missed like a target command. Clean code is not an SEO must but I like to encourage it.

Corey, why take a cheap shot when you have 33 HTML errors on your homepage? Anyway, thank you and now the 9 errors are now corrected. Get to work on your site now.

The fact that I list my other websites for my business in my footer is an issue for you? Each company portal has it's own purpose and its own lead flow. Is this a place to critic my websites? My business strategy?

Sounds a little bitter for some reason and I'm not sure why. This is not the place for cheap shots. You speak very loud for a PageRank 1 website.
that's a great reason why i don't sell consulting work or provide classes to teach others. i commented earlier that i am not real big on validation because not all popular browsers are. you were displaying the link, so perhaps you cared..

i found your pitch on this website so i clicked through and found a few more of your pitches, but not much else about the training material. i used my brain for a minute, and came up with, "maybe some of his strategies are applied to this website." i am sorry if my disappointment in the site linked above amazes you.

i guess i was looking for the fire. in a video you said you could rank amongst edmunds and, but i was not particularly blown away by your example of ranking for bmw 128i. that seems pretty straight forward to me.

I contribute on my Driving Sales blog which provides articles and tips to help the automotive community.

I also have been updating with additional examples of our work and success.

Of course there is only so much you can discuss without giving away the fire and your competitive edge.

That said, this seminar is not a sales pitch but a discussion of practical tasks that an ISM or GM can make happen to improve their Internet visibility by themselves.

It may seem simple to you but my estimate is that over 75% of the car dealer websites would benefit from the information in this free webinar.

Our industry needs to be able to compete against the larger 3rd party lead collectors and I'm doing my part to help.
I'm signed up and looking forward to it Brian. Thanks for taking the time to do this!
I'm signed up as well. I'm always open to learning a few new ideas and tips.
I have heard great things about Brian from several people in the industry whose opinion's I respect. I'm signed up and am looking forward to the learning opportunity. Thanks for putting it together.
Signed up a ready to roll.

Did you know that only 10% of the population further their education by reading a book or attending a training seminar that is related to their job or industry. Only 10%.
Several of my clients are now working with Brian Pasch, and everybody I talk to raves about him. Brian Pasch is the tops and will add value to any organization. This is one Webinar that I would not miss. I know I am looking forward to it.
I am a client of Brian's. I also work for the 2nd most profitable Nissan Dealer in the NE region. Since bringing Brian onboard as part of our online marketing strategy our overall traffic has doubled. We had over 20k visitors to our websites last month. This past Presidents Day weekend we had just shy of 7k visits on that weekend alone and 38 of the 69 cars we sold that weekend came as a direct result of our online efforts. Since I am someone who is quite knowledgeable about seo strategies, I am confident in stating that Brian is among a small list of true experts in this field.
Our Car Dealer has used Pasch Consulting for just about a year now and we are very happy with his work. I look forward to this class and any others he has in the future!
We are in a ferociously competitive market; we like to win (and almost all of the time, we do); we seek out only the best to help us. We brought on Pasch Consulting about 15 months ago. The benefits to our internet presence have been astronomical. Brian is smart as hell, works his tail off and demostrates his commitment to our success virtually every day.

We resist pointing out the faults of our competitors. If we were to do that, it would cheapen us in the perception of those listening, do little if any damage to the competitor and not help our business.

But it takes all kinds, I guess. Keep up the great work Brian.
  • C
  • February 27, 2009
I have a (tongue-in-cheek) love/hate relationship and respect for Pasch Consulting.

I love them because there are very few trustworthy and respectable SEOs that can deliver REAL results. At the top of this list has to be Pasch.

I 'hate' them because they REALLY make ranking top 10, for the same thing you're trying to rank for, extremely hard. It's gotten to the point where I don't even have to dig into someone's SEO campaign when we're getting boxed out, to know who's running it.

Of course I don't really hate them - I do look forward to this seminar - and perhaps I can figure out the Pasch Magic Sauce.


There's an old saying - of which I forget the exact wording - but it's along the lines of the cobbler's children walk without shoes.

The best non-dealer SEO's that I know of, don't even have websites; referrals and results drive their business. I can't help but notice that of the Pasch clients who chimed in above, they're all ranking rather well:

Massachusetts Infiniti Dealers

Massachusetts Nissan Dealers

Arizona Infiniti Dealers

If it were me, that's all my business card would have - links like that and on the back of the business card a credit card authorization form. :)


PS: I've never in my coding life written a page that validates - but I blame Microsoft for that :).
Excellent! This forum has a very wide range of expression and now music! I always was amazed how that voice came out of that body. It just didn't match.
I am all registered and excited to learn something new...
The amount of censorship of these comments are getting ridiculous Jeff. I know you have to protect your advertisers, and I respect that, however anyone can anonymously post anything on these comments, fake reviews of products can be made, (not that they are, of course these are all real people with real reviews, right, right? anyone?) By the way, I am not actually George Bush but I play him on TV.

Rick Astly now is endorsing Pasch's offerings which perhaps has led to the resurgence of his career. Kudos on that. That's amazing results and deserving of some sort of SEO Award.

There is no validation on the comments, and anyone with an aircard can change IP's at the click of a button and repost. I'm all for promotion and advertising but how much of this is real and how much made up? All of the negative reviews are coming and going as fast as they are listed. And it's too bad about Skidrow- I heard they were making a comeback =)

As with any company, nobody's perfect, and some are excellent but let's not see this site have this high level of blatant censorship nor should it be falsely manipulated for personal gain through fake reviews, although I'm sure Rick Astly is happy with his great personal service...
The best non-dealer SEO’s that I know of, don’t even have websites; referrals and results drive their business.
Automotive SEO's fall into that category too.

Real SEO's in any niche do not put on a public display of keywords on a marketing site.

That is a bad practice asking for disaster.

With the economy hurting in all niches and the average lead affiliate generating $12 CPA, somebody could come along and make your job a lot tougher....
@George you said "The amount of censorship of these comments are getting ridiculous Jeff." You sure are right about that, give me a call and I'll fill you in on more!

I'm not protecting Brian because on he is advertising here on DR. I'm protecting my Blog, because a few comments were personal and had not much to do with offering a free webinar for others to possibly learn something. The webinar could have been from anyone. Obviously some have too much time on their hands.

Trolls ruin blogs and discourage others from posting in fear of being jumped on.

Other than the comment from the one and only Richard Astley (which will be deleted), every comment here is legit with an real email and link to a site.

If company/business wants to ask a few of their happy clients to post their feedback on a website...what's so wrong with that? I do not consider that to be "fake". It happens in every vertical, as it should (online word of mouth). The unhappy customers always express their opinions.

Corey was the first to post, expressed his opinions and was not deleted.

"I’m all for promotion and advertising but how much of this is real and how much made up?"

That's for YOU to decide. I believe that I have done a fair job in monitoring DealerRefresh over the last (almost) 4 years to give a real representation of what is real and what is not. If you disagree, there are plenty of other Dealer Industry networking websites to contribute to.

This is why I have stayed away in the past from posting too much on the subject of SEO. So many SEO "professionals" are quick to inject their option of what is right and what is wrong. What is whitehat, blackhat and plain ol' "craphat".

I personally am a fan of very straight forward content based SEO. From my experiences, this is what Brian has to offer his clients. And has even helped me with a few things for myself.

So let's get off this negativity get back into focus here on what really matters. Selling cars and helping dealers to find new opportunities to sell more cars.

Sign up for the webinar, heck you might learn something.
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    Wendell Dossett
  • March 1, 2009
I can't wait. I can tell a real pro from a long distance. Your posts on sites have helped me already. Look forward to your info and hopefully meeting you at DD6!
Great stuff today Brian! My eyes are starting to bleed from registering at all these new sites. Check my website link already posted a press release. Yeah I cheated a little - I should have linked back to the vintage site but I am greedy.