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Today announced a possible HUGE CHANGE to their VDP.

IF you’re signed up with DealerRater’s “Connections” feature, your VDP is in for a possible HUGE change!!

Take a look…

DealerRater Connections on

DealerRater Connections on

DealerRater Connections on

This is what I call… a “Ballsy” move.

And DAMN I LIKE IT!! Being a proponent of online reviews, reputation and word of mouth, this really takes it to another level. This is either a real game changer or a complete mess.

Knowing Alex Vetter, and speaking with him after the acquisition of DealerRater – I have a really good understanding of his vision and I completely understand the visionary behind this. Therefore this possible huge change in the VDP doesn’t surprise me.

Are you/we ready for this? 

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