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Connecting Digital and Physical Front-Line Ready

Reconditioning is a critical step in getting a vehicle prepared for sale, both online and instore. If not done efficiently, this tends to be the stage that costs dealers time, money and engagement. Delays in reconditioning can create delays with merchandising, unless you have a process for getting vehicle merchandised through a proactive, phased approach. …
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A DealerRefresh Forum Recap: iOS13, Facebook Reactions, Loyal Service, Cox and Rivian

Quarter three has wrapped up, and we’re heading into Q4 with some exciting DealerRefresh topics and some much needed changes to the dealer forums on the horizon. Maybe you have a gameplan ready to go to close out the year on a high note, or maybe you’re still looking for industry insights. Either way, September …
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The Kumbaya Strategy – Why Your Ineffective Internet Team/BDC Thinks They’re Doing a Good Job

The Kumbaya Strategy – Why Your Ineffective Internet Team/BDC Thinks They’re Doing a Good Job Imagine a world where no one ever told you “no.” Relaxing and enjoyable, right? Now imagine working on an internet sales team or in a sales BDC and never hearing a prospect tell you “no” over the phone.
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Is Your Service Center Invisible in Google Search?

Auto service centers thrive on Google Search, typically ranking for dozens of local search terms like “oil change near me,” “service center open now,” and “best mechanic in Tallahassee.” However, if you only have one listing for both your service center and your showroom you could be missing out on free traffic from Google. Luckily, …
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“Just OK is not OK”, inspired by the recent AT&T commercials

An “op-ed” piece As the infamous vendor in the automotive space struggling with the balance of bringing bold innovation while also staying relevant for dealerships, this commercial resonated with me (seriously, watch it). Dealerships have good processes in place– you invest in SEM with an agency, you have a working website (most of the …