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DealerRater Reviews to Facebook FanPage Wall – How to Video

I often get the question “How can does one get their individual DealerRater reviews posted on their Dealerships Facebook Page ?” We’re referring to your dealerships fb page “Wall” and not a tab. I decided to cut a quick video. It’s easier to show than write about it…. I know this might be a little …
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How to Run a Viral Social Media Campaign with “Contest Burner”

Obtain more “Follower” using a viral social media campaign with “Contest Burner” Step 1: Get Prepared! You caved in and decided you are going to jump in head first on the Social Media bandwagon.  You’ve read all the blogs, forums, and assassinated the latest copy of “Facebook for Dummies”. Amidst the chaos of a new …
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Internet Department vs. Floor Sales Staff

Recently, Gregg at Park Avenue BMW asked a great question on the DealerRefresh forums:  “Do you protect your Internet Sales Staff from the floor?”  The conversation has been very valuable as it talks about many different scenarios. How do you structure your Internet Department? Sales agents who handle leads BDC Internet Sales Managers Internet Sales …
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Review on the Verizon Blackberry Storm 9530

All in all, the Storm is a great phone. I'm not convinced it is "the" phone and my search will continue one day. I'm looking forward to the new Curve, but I certainly will not be getting one on launch day. If you're a heavy Blackberry user with little patience you will hate the communications side of the Storm, but if you need to visit heavy websites on the go, you'll love it. So I'm split because I need to do both.