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Here are 15 Great BDC Templates to Steal!

Automotive BDC templates are critical to efficiency. Your BDC’s templates should include both word tracks for phone calls and full email templates. If you have strong templates and a BDC that utilizes them you will be well on your way to success. [Tweet “Steal these BDC templates, plug them in, and then chill… “] A …
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Was I Too Dumb for CRM?

In the early aughts, my dealership invested in a CRM system. I was basically a sales guy/assistant manager who (quite by accident) had championed/embraced internet leads, and whipped-up an internal lead management system for our 15-store group. I had probably just “graduated” from 100% commission to a salary+bonus pay structure — probably 4-5 years into …
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Are Your Boring Emails Sabotaging Your Sales?

If your follow-up emails read like form letters, it’s hard to get customers to respond. The secret to a higher response rate is simply to add a little personality, warmth, and humor. Here’s how… These five easy interventions will give dull copy a little KAPOW. These aren’t touchy-feely exercises, but rather more like structural changes …
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Dominion contracts CRMSuite (formerly iMagicLab) as CRM solution

Dominion Dealer Solutions announced today the launch of its new CRM, Dominion VisionTM. The most advanced automotive CRM in the market today, Dominion Vision combines the most intuitive CRM interface in the market with customized reporting and consumer-focused communication tools to create an easy-to-use CRM that will satisfy customers, sales reps and management.
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AI’s Role in the Future of Automotive Retail

The Economist recently pointed to AI’s growing importance, stating that “the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” And with the vast majority of data—over 90 percent—being generated over the past two years, it’s no surprise that businesses across industries are looking for innovative ways to capitalize on this new form of …
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Introducing DealerRefresh Mini-Webinars and Live Web Chats

A colleague once told me, “I’d rather spend 60 minutes learning from someone who already figured out what I need to know, than spend days, weeks, or months trying to figure it out on my own.” This is precisely why webinars have and continue to be so popular. Problem is that in today’s business culture, …
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Dealing with a Blacklisted CRM and Measuring your Response Rate.

Skip to the point if you don’t care to read the backstory. I sit back, this morning, amazed at how unreliable email delivery is. It might be getting worse and worse every year. Due to abusive advertisers we all want to safeguard our inboxes from disgusting amounts of delete button presses. And so, car dealers suffer. Car …
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VIDEO: How to Reduce Lost Sales and Defection Rates

When the market is down, sales are declining, and lead volume is lower than normal.  How can your dealership respond, not just to maintain a flat line, but to turn around the trend and outsell the national average? What information is available, and what tools exist, to tackle this not-so-uncommon scenario? When Morrie’s Brooklyn Park …