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David Kain writes about Long Term Follow-up

In this article David writes about "Relevance and Timing" and offers several pointers on how to get that potential customer to open your email. He touches on the importance of your Subject Lines, including your Logo in every email and of course the actual body of your message.

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As I agree with David... there are a few things to remember when sending e-mail to your prospects and clients. Rule #1 - Always send plain text. Most people do not have html email accounts and though they look nice they rarely get seen. Rule #2 - always add an http:// in front of your www. this way it will automatically create a hyperlink back to your site. Rule #3 - Get them back to your site! By publishing your message or special on your site you have a much greater chance for them to respond to submit a finance application or select a vehicle. For more money making ideas visit: