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Dealer Synergy “Internet Immersion Training” – April 13- 17th

Sean is offering DealerRefresh readers a substantial discount to his Dealer Synergy Internet Director Immersion Program for April.

Internet Sales 20 Group presents the POWERFUL Internet Director Immersion Program as a 3 or 5 Day Workshop!

For: Dealer Principles, General Managers, Internet and BDC Directors
Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
When: April 13th – 17th 2009

Over the span of this 3 or 5 day course, attendees will learn:

  • Create your new Internet Sales 20 Group Network, go over benchmarks and statistics and learn the secrets of Dealer Synergy’s “4P” strategy.
  • Learn how to unleash the true power of today’s most advanced technology to utterly CRUSH your competition, even in a down market.
  • Learn how to create the highest ROI on your lead generation and increase your conversions.
  • How to become a world-class Internet Director, team leader, coach and mentor.
  • Take a field trip to dealerships who have utilized these strategies and seen surreal success.
  • Create action plans, get tested and achieve your certification

Sean has not offered any vendor discounts on these events, but for the first time Dealer RefreshReeaders are eligible for $1000 off the standard rate.

Three Day Event is $3000 – $1000 DealerRefresh Discount = $2000
Five Day Event is $4000 – $1000 DealerRefresh Discount = $3000

Be sure to mention DealerRefresh when you call to register for this event. Call 1-888-379-6374 or register online

My favorite is the fact that Sean Incorporates the FranklinCovey- 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Training. He did a great job with his 2008 Synergy Session (you can read Brian Tuckers review here). Good Stuff!

If I know Sean, I’m sure he’s doing it up right so take advantage of his offer, save some money and get some training.

I saw Sean speak at NADA 2009 and he is very dynamic and knowledgeable. He brings a lot of great ideas to the table and is a great promoter. He is passionate about what he does which is why he is successful. I believe that any training that is available should be taken advantage of.
We just had Sean at our store last week for a 4 day program he designed to help us get our internet department up and running at its fullest potential. Sean was a indispensable key to the proper upstart of our department within the company and the direction we have taken since his visit has been soley based upon his methods. We currently have been operating as outlined by Sean for the past few weeks and have seen great progress within the department. A few of our Internet Directors are already planning on going to this event and anybody else wondering weather or not do to so should definitely try to make the trip. I personally as an Internet Sales Manager will not be making the trip to the director immersion program, but look forward to implementing the knowledge I know my team is going to be bringing back from any of Seans events. Consider it a must for any dealer who is just starting to grow their departments, or anyone who is frustraded with the lackluster results of their current setup.
I am currently in training during the dealer synergy session. He came out to our dealership a couple weeks ago. I can't get enough of this guy!!! I'm learning a ton and Sean is amazing!!! I highly recommend him!!! If you have any questions feel free to email me: [email protected]