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Dealer ThinkTank is Coming Your Way

Along with five other industry experts, I’m excited to make the announcement about our recent partnership to form Dealer ThinkTank, one-day advanced strategy workshops held around the nation.

While I’ve been actively speaking at automotive conferences around the nation, this is the first I’ve co-founded and had an active part in creating.

The collective experience and retail success the Dealer ThinkTank partners have is one of the key factors that align us so well. Moreover, we are all focused on delivering valuable, unbiased, truthful information to the dealer masses.  It is this desire to share only honest, progressive strategies and advanced tactics that will elevate this event from being a regular, old workshop to being a true experience.  With that said, attendees will be especially pleased with the interactive nature of our events. They’ll be asked to call on their own experiences when they participate in the actual ThinkTank portion of our workshops.  My personal goal when creating these events was to ensure dealer personnel walk away with entirely fresh ideas and the means to enact change in their stores.

Dealer ThinkTank will be not only provide actionable information to take back and implement immediately, but the sessions will discuss high-level, advanced digital strategies on how to truly transform the thinking at their stores.  Best of all, each tour date will be unlike the other, with different guest speakers and distinctive interactive elements that vary by market.

Co-founders of Dealer ThinkTank are Todd Smith – CEO of ActivEngage, Jerry Thibeau – President of Phone Ninjas, Joe Webb – President of DealerKnows Consulting, Allan Cooper – Principal of Cooper Media Group, Eric Miltsch, Co-Founder of Dealer ThinkTank and Founder of Command Z – Automotive Digital Marketing, and (ME!) Jeff Kershner – Vice President of Strategy and Consumer Experience at HookLogic as well as Founder of DealerRefresh.

To find out when Dealer ThinkTank is coming to a city near you, visit our site.  The first ThinkTank will be held in Cincinnati on Thursday December 5th.  To register for an upcoming Dealer ThinkTank check this out and go straight to your boss – unless, of course, you are the boss.

What do you think about….:

What do you feel are the most pressing concerns, frustrating struggles, and intense crises facing dealers in your market today?

We’ll actually address and solve these issues during our ThinkTanks.

I truly hope I’ll see the DealerRefresh Community there!

  • J
  • October 25, 2013
Also Jeff, the first 25 dealers to sign up get a free assessment of their dealerships Internet and phone processes.  Going to be an eye opening experience for those who participate.
  • R
    Robert Karbaum
  • October 28, 2013
Boo, no Canada :P
  • D
  • October 28, 2013
Robert, you never know what could be added to the schedule ;)
  • D
  • October 31, 2013
This is going to be a great first event. I can get over the positive responses, support, and amount of dealers registering already. Sponsorship inquires have been overwhelming. The Dealer ThinkTank team thanks everyone for their support.