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Company Name: DEALERIMPACT : DBA Web Impressions, LLC
Phone: 1-866-303-8182
Online Since: December 9th, 1999
Location: Urbandale, IA 50322

Homepage Title Tag: "With Dealer Impact’s compelling automotive website design, you experience the benefits of enhanced auto dealer marketing. Enter to elevate your dealership"

Current Website Rankings:
PageRank: 5/10 (as of 6/08)

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Dealer Impact Systems is a dealer-focused, results-driven provider of digital marketing services to the automotive retail industry. We serve hundreds of dealerships across the country, helping them to attract, close and retain more customers than they ever thought possible through our iDeal Digital Marketing System and Plug-In Technology.

The iDeal Marketing System puts a complete suite of digital marketing tools and technologies in your hands. Streaming video, multimedia email campaigns, fantastic looking web sites, real-time measurement, improved search engine rankings… the list goes on and on. It’s all a part of the iDeal Digital Marketing System. It’s all automated so that it can proactively work to drive leads directly to your dealership.

Another way Dealer Impact Systems helps its clients realize the promise of automation is through its exclusive Plug-In Technology. These unique tools act as modules that can be plugged into your existing web and marketing system, adding functionality like streaming video, automation, search engine optimization and more. These tools are specifically designed to “plug in” to any website, regardless of who built it or where it’s being hosted. The days of being locked into a single provider’s system and tools are over… thanks to Plug-In Technology from Dealer Impact Systems.

Contact Dealer Impact to learn more about the iDeal Digital Marketing System and Plug-In Technology and how these unique tools can begin driving leads directly to your dealership.

Dealer Impact Systems

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
Dealer Impact has been our vendor for about four years now and there is not another company out there that works as hard or as smart as these folks. Customer Service is always great, always I can call anytime with any issue and they seem to be glad to hear from you! The technology is perfect for a great looking and yet functional site and the tools in the back of the house system such as the DMM are wonderful tools that I use over my Autobase system everyday. In all the time we have dealt with Dealer Impact we have never had anything but unwavering support from them and I cannot say that about any other vendor we use large or small, I recomend Dealer Impact as often as possible!
I would like to mimmick Russ Johnson by saying the customer service you receive from Dealer Impact is awesome. They are easy to work with and very user friendly. They created both of my sites for me and I use their SEO, SEM and DMM tool. They have video, virtual notification and great auto follow ups on the DMM. A must have for anyone selling cars on the net. We went from 19 cars to 40 in 6 months and are continuing to grow.
  • J
    James Blythe
  • August 29, 2009
These guys are a joke (or should I say this one girl is a joke?) They are nothing more than a reseller of Dealer Peak CRM and rackspace hosting. And they back that bouquet of B.S. up with a support level of close to zero. Not absolute zero, mind you, as that would take some ingenuity and effort. Just a lousy 2.3 out of 100.
Dealer Impact is a digital marketing company offering a complete suite of products: Social Media, Mobile Websites, Facebook Inventory Apps, Inventory Video, New Car Test Drives, Websites, SEO, SEM, and much more.

We build our websites with all the best practices, so they rank well. We do not build top to bottom flash sites like several other vendors do that cannot be indexed or be seen by Ipads or smart phones. Our sites and inventory are 100% indexible by the search engines spiders. We also set up a complete network around your website with micro sites and social media to maximize your exposure.

We dont just build a website, we build a Network!

Come check it out for yourself.

Brian Cox

President and CEO of Dealer Impact Systems

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  • F
  • May 21, 2011
I'm the Internet Director of a large auto group... we left Cobalt about four years ago, and literally spent a year looking into the best company that could provide us with the best in all the dealer Internet marketing services we needed... between the pricing, and the on-going personal support with this company, it is without a doubt on of the best decision we made to date.

Sadly however, great companies like this are getting phased out by ADP giant's subsidiary ‘The Cobalt Group’ which currently provides dealer solutions to more than half of all automotive dealers in the US through ‘partnerships’ with the manufactures who in-turn ‘mandate’ that all their dealers use Cobalt or i.e. lose their link to the manufacturer’s website.  This happened to us with VW, now again with our two stand-alone Hyundai dealerships.

It is such a shame… that Cobalt has to offer compared to what we were able to provide our customers before… is like going from 2012 and returning back to 2003.

If you are a dealer principle/GM/internet director, and you have not yet fallen victim to the Cobalt monopoly (far too big, they completely fail on improving existing products or helping dealerships 'take it to the next level', provide by far worst lead management solution in the industry called LMCC) ...I highly recommend you get in touch with Dealer Impact founder Brian Cox who will walk you through all they have to offer ‘personally’… no joke!  (not to mention their design, technical, graphic and customer support staff is unequalled). You think you’ll have that with any other company?  Keep dreaming…   Whatever you want… this company will go out of their way to help you to make it a reality.
  • J
    jjingo steven
  • November 30, 2011
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  • J
  • December 2, 2012
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