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The Refresh Recap – DR Forms, Digital Dealer, Twitter and AutoBytel

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As most of you know, we launched the DealerRefresh Technology Support & Best Practices Forums (yes, we know that is a mouthful, call it the “DR Forums” for short) this last Wednesday and it was nothing less of exciting. Phone calls out the whazoo from friends, long time supporters to even several vendors already asking us to remove threads and comments. HA!

We have positioned DR Forums as a unique spot for dealers to get some help with all these technologies we’re struggling with and a good place to discover new products (almost a 24/7 NADA without all the badgering). It didn’t take long to get some great discussions going on…

If you’ve been thinking about switching CRM companies, or have been curious about what other dealers think of other CRM/ILM solutions, check out the >> Which CRM are you using? << thread.

Been thinking about doing video walkarounds or getting into the nitty gritty of VideoSEO? Take a look at the >> Taking videos of your vehicles << thread.

Live Chat on Dealership Websites is getting ready to become common practice – why aren’t you doing it? But before you sign a contract on that Live Chat tool, check out the >> Low Cost Live Chat Software << thread – which isn’t just about Low Cost solutions. If there are any vendors paying attention – this thread has quickly become a blueprint for building a live chat tool!

If you haven’t already check out the DR Forums, slide on over there and sign-up.

Don’t forget about Digital Dealer Conference this week. I’m sort of bummed about  not being there this time around but I just couldn’t work it into the schedule.

By the way…WHO will be tweeting from Digital Dealer and what will the hashtag be? #ddconference or #digitaldealer?

I did post “Digital Dealer 6 Conference – Are you going?” with some recommendations on which sessions to attend. After I wrote that, there was another session added to the agenda that I wanted to be sure to mention and would highly recommend attending.

Avoid Internet FAIL with a SUPER Strategy
Dealer websites originated in the mid-late 1990’s and were designed as digital, interactive billboards. Consumers expect better in 2009, yet seldom get it from car dealers.  Call and email is not what today’s consumer wants. Come to this session if you want to learn practical, proven, profitable ideas that dealers are successfully using today to break away from low gross, high effort, low engagement Internet failure.

My buddies “Rock Star” Shaun Raines (CEO of DealerAdvisor) and Brian Hoecht (founder of Ai-Dealer) will be putting on this session Tuesday 11:15. Be sure to check it out!

Paul Rushing wrote a must read article over on driving sales – State of the Click – Banner Ads

Ward’s e-Dealer 100 Snafu. Ward’s e-Dealer 100 ranking was tallied with some incorrect data. As a result, they have published a new corrected list of the 2009 Ward’s e-Dealer 100.

Check out this VIDEO – How to use Twitter for linkbuilding. Somewhat interesting.

A Four-Door Porsche? Porsche introduces the four-door Panamera at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show. Somehow I’m on their press release distribution list and they sent me a link to download some Panamera video footage. I LOVE Porsche!

Ohhh before I forget, I just posted a question over in the DR Forums that hit my inbox yesterday.

“I’m asking about Autobytel the lead source provider and wondering how it works for dealerships. Have any of you had experience with them and are you happy?”

Anyone using Autobytel with success anymore? Post your comments in the forum.

That’s it for this week! Hopefully we can get back on board with the weekly refresh (we’ve heard that before).

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Jeff -

I like the forums...good discussions already &amp; I'm sure they'll continue to grow.

Hope the vendors continue to show restraint with their pitches; its worth starting a thread on the topic - I have an idea...

I think they chose #DD6...

Thanks Eric..I was behind on the loop. #DD6 is the hashtag for Digital Dealer Conference 6.
Thanks for the mention Jeff. Love the new forums, now I got to figure out a way to be active there too.. (sigh)
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