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Are the “Online Phonebook” services like Yellowpages worth anything? – – – what is their worth?

I have sitting here in front of me a 1 year contract for

I’ve tried to use Superpages, and a few of the other “phonebook to web” services in the past only to find they produce too many irrelevant results. Is this due to a bad algorithm or businesses not advertising in these sites? I usually get frustrated with these sites and find myself returning to Google or Google maps to find the address or phone number I’m looking for.

What’s interesting to me is the angle they use to sell the service. Rather then focusing on your business name, they tout their high percentage of consumers typing in “new car dealer” or “used car dealer” for a specific county or region. I question whom is going to and searching for “new car dealers”. I would think the majority of consumers going to to search for a dealer will type in the actual name of the dealer rather then “new car dealers” (but maybe I’m wrong).

Another question comes to mind; when using a phone book, I’m are usually looking for one thing, the PHONE NUMBER. Could there be a huge benefit to having top listings and links to your website if the consumer is merely looking for your phone number? Wouldn’t the basic free listing serve this purpose just as well as a paid listing?

More Questions:

  1. How much incremental traffic could push my way?
  2. How many people are actually visiting these sites like and searching like they were on Yahoo or Google?
  3. Does it make sense to spend the $350.00 a month for top listings in
  4. Could I benefit from being listed in the top placement of since no one in my region is currently taking advantage
    of the service?

I don’t know..but if I decide to sign the contract, I will be sure to report back with my results.

Has anyone else advertised with any of these phonebook to web services and been successful?

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    Lao Shi
  • June 15, 2007

Many businesses are opting out on phonebook ads, yellow ads and just taking the minimum listing. Budgeting ad dollars in these publications are producing diminishing returns. $300.00-500.00 a month your looking at saving 5-6 K per year, 60 k over 10 years for something that provides diminishing returns??

Most younger people do not use this tool and older people are more conservative with their spending habits and also rely on established relationships with companies in the community they have been doing business with.

When was the last time you looked for a number and called 1411 and you were asked what ad made the biggest impression on your decision?

Jeff, are you talking about the print version or PPC on yellow pages... As online most yellow pages have PPC above the fold... for PPC, yellow pages should defiantly be part of your local marketing. As local search from Google and yahoo is only 2 years old and the age group you target my not know about Google local or Google maps... you will find the older generation going to online yellow pages then doing a Google search.

Now as far as PPC conversion rate goes... for the dealer I work with... it averages to 4% for Superpages and 2% for for online lead forms... I do not have access to phone tracking so can't comment on the phone up part.

As far as print version goes... I'm not 100% if that $500-1200 a month is worth it... It be better to spend on online advertising... I live in a apartment complex and last time when they delivered the pages it just sat at the front door... pissing me off every time I went by with all the trees killed to make them... recycled paper but still... the energy it takes... the gas burned to deliver and haul the stuff... :(

here is an old article from 2004 on yellow pages beating se's...

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  • June 17, 2007
I have mixed experience here. When I worked at a dealership, the owner wanted an ad in the phone book, and an online placement, but ended up canceling them because we received no trackable traffic. Now, at a different business, we used superpages PPC ads and those converted at a profitable level, but a bit above search engines. It took a few rounds of tweaking to get the CPA at an appropriate level.
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    Gerald Hand
  • June 18, 2007
Jeff- I think you are on target. This is another illustration of a medium that is bygone now trying desperately to hang on to the market place in some capacity. Rather than showing what they actually send you from a leds standpoint, they try to show you this vast exposure you will receive to everyone looking for a new car. I could never tell just HOW many leads I received from them (perhaps because they know their ROI isn't there compared to other online advertising).

I for one, cancelled our superpages listing and am using the money to be "The Last Man Standing."

I don't think the traffic is there, and consequently, there is low value. If it were $500/year for the superpages, I would do it. It is not worth that much to me as most of our shoppers are looking for info from KBB, Edmunds, the manufacturer, etc. Perhaps the service/parts guys ould benefit, but not sales.

Check out how the YellowPage reps responded to our comments on post: <a href="" rel="nofollow">Internet Yellow Pages SUCK!</a>

In the 4 years since I've been here I've cut Yellow Pages PRINT ad spending by 90%. Currently, We're an advertiser in Superpages/ I just looked at May 07, their click thrus were right up there with (10 hits p/ month). And... is free.

- Engine =May Traffic
- Google =1344
- Yahoo! =311
- MSN Search =211
- Google (Images) =168
- Unknown search engines =87
- AOL =82
- Netscape =10
- Dogpile =7
- Ask =7
- Earth Link =4
- Mamma =2
- AltaVista =2
- Lycos =1
- =1
- MetaBot =1
- Excite =1

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    Jeff Kershner
  • June 20, 2007
Joe, thanks for your statistics. When you say "We're an advertiser in Superpages/", are you saying that you advertise on both since they are 2 different companies/sites?

If so, is one outperforming the other?

We advertise in and get a nearly unmeasuable amount of click thrus.

The traffic that I see comes from several phone book sites comes from name searches for our name.

I use to work in sales at Verizon Yellow Pages. The pitch you're hearing is the old Yellow Pages pitch with an internet spin on it.

I will not be renewing our contract for next year. I'll be moving our efforts & spending out to micro sites.

They're hitting us pretty hard right now too. They've come down on their prices so much that it almost is a no-brainer, but I still feel like there are more worthwhile places to spend that money.
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    Jeff Kershner
  • June 23, 2007
I'm still sitting on this contract. I think I'll keep sitting on it after all the feedback, and sticking with my gut feeling on this.

I've been wanting to get on and I think it would make more sense to use the money towards that.

Awesome feedback from everyone!!

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    stephen mcgrew
  • July 6, 2007
I actually work for and I was in the car business for 4 years prior. Lets face it guys...sales is for the most part a numbers game. The more people you are exposed to, the more people you are going to sell to. He is some basic facts. In may there were over 600 people who went onto our site looking for new car dealers. The national average conversion is 10%. That means if 600 people saw your advertisement, you will average a sale to 60 of them. Honestly, that may seem a little high, especially for car sales. So lets say that you only sold 6 people off the ad. The ad costs less than $200 a month. Lets assume the profit from each sale to be only $200. $200 x 6 = $1200. This is why works for all types of businesses.
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    stephen mcgrew
  • July 6, 2007
So look at it this way....It costs you less than $200 per month to be exposed to over 600 people looking for your services. This is an easy way to pick up a few extra deals every month. The return on the investment is very strong. The 600 searches were in Syracuse NY. That is only one metro area. Some metro areas have much higher search results. For example, veterinary clinics in Minneapolis st paul were searched last month by over 1600 people. Sadly, there are only 3 vets that are advertising in that category. Do you think they are getting business from it? Absolutely. The numbers are too large to fail. If you own a business, there is a couple of things that you certainly should consider. First, build a web site and get on the net. Second, advertise your business on a business directory. If you don't, you are truly being left behind.
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  • July 6, 2007
<b>How much incremental traffic could push my way? </b>

<i>Depends on the geography you advertise in and how high you are up on the page. </i>

<b>How many people are actually visiting these sites like and searching like they were on Yahoo or Google? </b> had more local business searches than GOOGLE the first quarter of this year...just search google news for ''.

<b>Does it make sense to spend the $350.00 a month for top listings in </b>

<i>That's a big 'YES'.</i>

<b>Could I benefit from being listed in the top placement of since no one in my region is currently taking advantage of the service?</b>

<i>Another big yes. People are searching for your business right now. If you're not there, they'll go to who IS there. If nobody has taken advantage of it in your area so far, then get in early while the getting is good.

I purchased a listing from and was the first in my category - now I'll always have the option of being #1 in my category until the end of the internet. If my AT&T rep came to me 20 years ago and offered me the guaranteed first spot in the phone book forever...I think I'd be a millionaire by now.</i>

Keep in mind with any internet yellow pages that it's designed to get us phone calls and walk-ins, not click-thrus.

I advertise on both and They are competitors, but nobody in their right mind will go to and find what they're searching for, and then go to and do the same thing - they've got two completely separate customer bases to bring into my dealership. is out performing, but I'm keeping both as I'm definitely seeing a return.
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    Jeff Kershner
  • July 6, 2007
Thanks for the sales pitch guys!

And exactly what dealer do you work for "AB"?
I'd like to weigh-in on the side of the debate.

Google is the NEW Yellow Pages.
Invest "other" ad monies into Search Engine Optimization... NOW.

Is anyone looking at their site traffic stats to see WHERE your visitors are finding you from? I am about 1000:1 Google search hits vs

I am in a small market in upstate NY (Syracuse). We average 3,000 unique visitors per month, 30% are from search engine queries (1,000 unique users per month). Of that 1,000 > 70% are from classic directory like searches (name, brand, location).

Is anyone listening to the incoming calls to see the "quality" of the up generator? We used callbright and all I hear is classic phone directory questions (what are your hours? is Bill in? etc...).

Because it's "cheap" is & a value? Speaking as a past VZ rep, Sales reps are trained to run the classic ROI pitch were your ad spending trickles down in to revenues. The buyer thinks "it's only $350..." and the buyers optimism leads them to a positive conclusion. I'm an old coot, been self-employed for decades and have been thru several recessions. When business is bad, you learn how to ask tough questions and pass over misc. spending.

In my world, there are 2 users of a Directory. Almost all are looking for your phone number and the remaining few are "no gross grinders". So, if we're fishing for "no gross grinders", do they care about TOP of the listing?


Move all marketing efforts out to SEO.

Results Speak for themselves:

Compete other markets:

Expand your market to your REGION:

Just my $0.02

" had more local business searches than GOOGLE the first quarter of this year...just search google news for ''."

I find this hard to believe. If you do a search on google news for I see a press release. I'm not going to take a press release from as the final word on who is getting more local business searches.

It would be virtually impossible to see how many local business searches are being conducted on Google as compared to yellowpages anyway. Someone on Google may just search painters, see a local painters ad and complete their transaction. Not every local Google search is "Painters, Los Angeles." You cant really compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges here.
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  • July 9, 2007
Brandon -

I understand what you're saying about it being a press release, but notice that all the data comes from comScore - the authority when it comes to internet rankings.

I'm not saying put all your eggs in one basket, that's just plain bad business. I do SEO & SEM with Google & Yahoo!, and listing placement with and We really need to do all of the above, or we're missing out on a considerable part of the local market.

I've done quite a bit of research into this whole internet marketing thing, and about 2/3 of the population uses search engines and 1/3 uses search directories. So by just doing one, I'm cheating myself. Most of what I get from the directories is walk-ins and calls for directions to my lot, and what I get from the search engines is people looking at my stock on the website.

I have my telesales department do follow ups with the people that submit their information via my website (SEM/SEO), and my salesmen do their job with the IYP. Both are working very well, but my conversion ratio on IYP is much higher.
My IYP traffic is nearly un-measurable.

Our site stats for June 07:
Unique visitors 2,801
Reached us by Direct Address: 72.6%
Reached us by Internet Search Engine: 12.9%
Reached us by External Page (non-search engine): 13.8%

Directories are in the External Page (non-search engine) class.
We have > 2000 pages linking to us in this class. ACTUAL June 07 records are (below) are listed by volume of pages viewed. sent us one visitor in June.

===traffic logs from NON Search Engine Pages===

126 different pages-url ----->Pages ----->110 ----->49 ----->46 ----->20 ----->19 ----->18 ----->15 ----->14
-- ----->14 ----->14 ----->13 ----->12 ----->12 ----->11 ----->9 ----->9 ----->9 ----->9 ----->8 ----->7 ----->7
-- ----->6 ----->6 ----->6 ----->6 ----->5 ----->5 ----->5 ----->4 ----->4 ----->4 ----->4 ----->4 ----->4 ----->3 ----->3 ----->3 ----->3 ----->3 ----->3 ----->3 ----->3 ----->3 ----->3 ----->3 ----->2 ----->2 ----->2 ----->2,_NY/chevy_dealers/7748405/Bresee_C... ----->2 ----->2 ----->2 ----->2 ----->2 ----->2
-- ----->2 ----->2 ----->2
-- ----->2 ----->2 ----->2 ----->2 ----->1 ----->1 ----->1 ----->1 ----->1 ----->1 ----->1's%20%20Supply%20and%20Demand ----->1 ----->1 ----->1 ----->1

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  • July 9, 2007

Yeah, that's about right. I get almost no clicks through and about a 2% click-through on

But we're talking apples and oranges here when it comes to search engines versus directories. One is for website traffic, the other is for phone calls. I'd be stupid to try and increase hits to my site through IYP, but it does bring me the sales.
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  • July 9, 2007
Jeff Kershner:

<i>And exactly what dealer do you work for "AB"? </i>

Fletcher Jones Toyota

This is my last volley on this debate.

AB writes: "...when it comes to search engines versus directories. One is for website traffic, the other is for phone calls. I'd be stupid to try and increase hits to my site through IYP, but it does bring me the sales."

#1). No... No you wouldn't be stupid to bring customers to your site from ANY directory.

#2). You have no unique tracking phone number for your phone number.


p.s. AB get your GM to get your web site out of the SEO toilet. Search for yourself, you'll see what I'm seeing (which is no listings)

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toyota camry dealers las vegas
toyota 4runner dealers las vegas
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    stephen mcgrew
  • July 10, 2007
AB said, had more local business searches than GOOGLE the first quarter of this year...just search google news for ''.

This information comes directly from comScore and other sources...not

joe pistell said,

"Google is the NEW Yellow Pages."

If you are trying to bring people to your website, will bring people to it, but that is not the purpose of and buying a listing with us should not be targeted as a primary way of doing this. It is a way of exposing a large number of people to your business and services so they can call you or come on down. If you are looking to drive a large number of people to your website, you should use some form of search engine marketing for your website. We offer clicks packages and guarantee the traffic to your website.

joe also writes,

#2). You have no unique tracking phone number for your phone number.

that is wrong. we sell call tracking numbers for all listings

he also wrote this...

p.s. AB get your GM to get your web site out of the SEO toilet. Search for yourself, you'll see what I'm seeing (which is no listings)

try searching for TOYOTA, LAS VEGAS NV, on and every dealer in town is listed.
Were you confusing SEO with SEO refers to search engines not online directories like us. And believe me, if you go to google and type in TOYOTA TUNDRA LAS VEGAS NV, Centennial Toyota is at the very top of the page.

If you advertise your dealership with, it would be almost impossibe to not pick up a few extra deals every month as a result. There were over 1800 searches on our directory in May for new car dealers in New York City. NYC may not be the best example because a lot of dealership are in smaller regions, but this is a very strongly searched catagory nationwide, no matter where you are. Do you not think you can convert some of those numbers into sales? Absolutely. And the profit, front end or back end, will pay for the price of the ad.

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  • December 24, 2007
I know this is an old thread, but I can't believe no one jumped on this one:

>That means if 600 people saw your advertisement, you will average a sale to 60 of them.

????? HHUUUHHH????

By that math, we should have sold 700 cars last month!!!

the real math, using incredibly high ratios:

600 ad impressions
10% CTR = 60 visitors
10% conversion = 6 leads
15% closing ratio = 9/10ths of a sale :)

  • B
  • December 24, 2007
Just cancelled online yellow pages last month. Our dealership experienced 85% service call lead generation from it with only 15% sales. I could only track 2 unit sales from it last year. It was cheap, but in the end it was it worth what we paid for it? No. Negative ROI.
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  • January 16, 2008
Jason wrote....

By that math, we should have sold 700 cars last month!!!

the real math, using incredibly high ratios:

600 ad impressions
10% CTR = 60 visitors
10% conversion = 6 leads
15% closing ratio = 9/10ths of a sale :)

Try reading the entire thread next time you post Jason....I said that 60 seems awfully high....especially for car lets say you sold to only 6 people from the ad....etc....what you fail to realize is that it takes only a couple of sales to pay for an entire years worth of advertising....

Bill wrote....

Just cancelled online yellow pages last month. Our dealership experienced 85% service call lead generation from it with only 15% sales. I could only track 2 unit sales from it last year. It was cheap, but in the end it was it worth what we paid for it? No. Negative ROI.

FYI....YOU have no accurate way of tracking the results of YPC....I guarantee you that several of the sales that you had last year were the result of a YPC just didnt know must buy the call tracking number....THEN you will see just how many phone calls it is generating for you

I dont even work for just amazes me that you guys cant get it through your head that it takes only a couple of sales per YEAR to pay for an entire YEAR worth of say the ROI was negative???? have no idea what you are talking about....and what about all the SERVICE leads....negative

In theory, I agree with you. I am inclined to believe that most dealers will recoup their investment in a ad. I would agree that the ad will generate enough phone calls/walk ins to sell a unit or two, and generate some LOF business in the service department, maybe sell a couple of parts. In theory.

Here is where your argument falls short, and is most likely the reason you are no longer employed by You can't sell this type of advertising without being able to justify the investment. And, unfortunately for you, the old "even if you sell just 1 or 2 cars, you make your money back" gimmick just doesn't cut it these days. If dealers bought every advertisement pitched to them that way, most would be out of business. Dealers don't like to hear that pitch, the same way that venture capitalists hate hearing "all we need to do is capture 1 percent of the market to be profitable." It's not that easy!!!

And for you to come on this board and attack the readership who had no luck with your product is just lame. Fact is, most dealers and managers in this business are fairly insightful when it comes to advertising their product and dealership.

If your math wasn't so fuzzy, and your attitude wasn't so abrasive, maybe more dealers would have bought ads from you and you could have stayed out of the unemployment line. "lol"

  • K
  • January 24, 2008
So aren't sales calls important as well...say as for customer service to your current clientele? And can't delareships make great profits with their service? So why no publish a number where they can call for service or sales? I think there is opportunity there. I find it.

And as for what type of media to use, I agree that each dealership has to wiegh the balance. But I always felt that after all my marketing is set and someone wants to call to set up a test drive or get information on a car, the one place they ahve my number is on Yellow Pages. I still do the old version and I am trying the new version. It is starting to take off. I have pulled back in otehr areas like newspaper, but keep billboards and radio as art of my mix. I am in CA were there are dealership malls every where so lcoally I must be competitive.

Does anyone have corproate co-ops or sponsorships? Mine is minimal for YP but wondering if this helps.
How to win the Yellow Pages game (aka less is more)

For 18 months I worked at Verizon as a Yell Page rep (employee of the Month 2 times).

How I limit my spending:
White page listings, bold with yellow highlighting, add webaddress.
Yellow pages: Retain best headings, trim any non-core headings. Commit to Alphebetical listings only. Add bold, add one line with web address.
Franchised dealers dbl. ck to be listed in "TradeMark Listings" (ask for help if needed).
(prepare yourself for your YP reps crying and gnashing of teeth)

For the last 4 years I have built web sites for dealers, then got recruited to be an in house Internet Director. I have listened to 100's and 100's of hours of phone calls (10 dedicated 800#'s) AND watched the trends over 3 years. Here are the FACTS according to Joe.

3 years ago, phone traffic from web site was nearly 100% sales, a few service calls here and there.

IN 2007, nearly 35% of incoming phone traffic (from web site) was service and parts requests. By reviewing your traffic records on your sites back end, you'll see the vast majority of SERP visitors* are trying to find your name directly (*SERP = Search Engine Return Page). THIS IS A PHONE BOOK LIKE DIRECTORY REQUEST.

Google has gotten so good at suppling phone numbers AND MAPS that it's now the "directory of choice". See just how awesome goolgle's become, let's look for a cigar store near my zipcode. A friggin Cigar Store!

Let's talk penetration of this google directory application. Not everyone gets it yet. SO this means it will become more and more pervasive as time moves forward.

Move ca$h away from tra$h and amp up your future.
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    Stephen McGrew
  • February 4, 2008
Tim Morris wrote....

"Here is where your argument falls short, and is most likely the reason you are no longer employed by You can't sell this type of advertising without being able to justify the investment." can NEVER justify the investment when it comes to advertising....even though YPC has the highest ROI in the business....

I honestly began to loathe the job....they try to convince their employees during training that its not telemarketing....but it is the most refined form of telemarketing out there....I couldn't stand being hung up on dozens of times a day after saying "yellow pages" or after barely getting a word out of your mouth....

I tried to sell to dealerships a few times....but the GMs think they know everything and aren't willing to listen to you....that got old quick....

Sorry I was abrasive....its just a little frustrating when you look at the thousands upon thousands of dollars that a dealership spends on wasted advertising every month and wont bother to spend a minute fraction of that on YPC when I know that it actually will turn a profit....not to mention that a lot of the money that dealerships spend on advertising comes directly from the manufacturer....

I am going back into the car business....
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    Pureum Kim
  • April 16, 2008

I did some research on YP. Here it is. Please share some feedback :)

1. Major Yellow Paper (“YP) Companies
1.1. List of YP in the US
1.1.1. AT&T Advertising & Publishing (Bell South,
1.1.2. Idearc Media (Verizon)
1.1.3. R.H, Donnelley (“RHD”)
1.1.4. Yellow Book
1.1.5. Local Insight Media
1.1.6. White Directory Publishers (subsidiary of Hearst Group)
1.1.7. Windstream Yellow Pages
1.1.8. Valley Yellow Pages
1.1.9. User-Friendly Phone Book
1.1.10. DataNational
1.1.11. Phone Directories Co
1.1.12. Names and Numbers
1.1.13. ypOne Publishing
1.1.14. United Yellow Pages
1.1.15. Ambassador Media Group
1.1.16. Metro Directories
1.1.17. Hagadone Directories
1.1.18. SureWest Directories
1.1.19. Pinnacle Publishing
1.1.20. Gannett Directories
1.1.21. Best Publications
1.1.22. Impact Directories
1.1.23. Area Wide Directory Co
1.1.24. Ad-Ventures Publishing
1.1.25. LocalTel
1.1.26. Your Town Publishing Solutions
1.1.27. Echo Pages
1.1.28. U.S. Hispanic Yellow Pages Market Overview
1.1.29. Seccion Amarilla USA
1.1.30. Hispanic Yellow Pages of America
1.1.31. Hispanic Yellow Pages Network
1.2. Top four YPs
(86% of market share )
1.2.1. AT&T Advertising & Publishing
1.2.2. Verizon
1.2.3. RHD
1.2.4. Yellow Books
1.4. Yellow Pages Association’s Largest Referrals by Number
1.4.1. Restaurant
1.4.2. Physician & Surgeons
1.4.3. Automobile parts & used
1.4.4. Automobile Repairing & Service
1.4.5. Pizza
1.4.6. Automatic Dealers- News & Used
1.4.7. Attorneys/ Lawyers
1.4.8. Dentists
1.4.9. Plumbing
1.4.10. Beauty Salons
1.4.11. Real Estate (number 34)
1.5. Key Facts
1.5.1. Usage of YP decreased from 15.1 bn to 13.4bn references during 2002-2006 according to the YPA Industry Usage Study. Increased Internet search and non English speaking demographics it’s cause
1.5.2. There are estimated about 7,600 independent YP publishers. The number of publishers is expected to decline to competitiveness of the market and active M&A (according to Kelsey)
1.5.3. Margins tend to be lower on the internet YP than print YP (according to RHD) as they try to increase internet ad usage.
1.5.4. Kelsey Group says that internet YP usage has increased from 7%-14% during 2003-2007. Furthermore, Kelsey Group expects internet YP to grow 24% each year from 2007-2012.
1.5.5. Advertisers prefer directory advertising due to its relatively low cost, broad demographics and geographic distribution and high consumer usage rates .
1.6. Yellow Paper News
1.6.1. RHD’s yellow pages ad counts dropped 9% in January ’08 in Las Vegas and Orlando. Also, yellow papers are discouraging businesses’ making ads in color to cut costs. Additional ad space (change of font & number of columns) is also being given for incumbent businesses that spend a bit more on the ad (Deutshce Bank 3/9/08 Company Alert)
1.6.2. From “The Future of Yellow Pages,” profit of YP expected due to discounting of ad price. A survey by Kelsey Group shows that SMBs use print yellow pages 43% less. The number of print yellow pages seems stable but the frequency that they use is decreasing.

If anyone knows how much average dealerships spend on yellow paper ads that would be great :)
  • C
  • June 23, 2008
Personally I'd rather spend $200 to $350 a month paying for a PERSONAL YELLOW PAGE AD in the phone book under AUTOMOTIVE DEALERS, NEW/USED. I'm sure the payoff would be on the plus side, especially if I offered a bonus for referrals.

I've actually seriously considered the idea and don't know of any salesperson that is promoting themselves in the Yellow Pages?

The traditional YP works still, and everyone leafs through them.

What's your feedback on such an idea?

My Notes to you:
You can't just list your personal number in the YP without it being a designated business number.

I use to sell YP and I could go on and on about why you should not do it. I have a FAR BETTER IDEA FOR YOU.

You've earmarked $4,000 for YP spending p/year.
Hire yourself a local fellow that can throw up a WordPress Blog for you. Cost: $300 to $600. You'll need it hosted: $200 p/yr, you'll need to be trained on how to post inventory to it (offer your geek pal $100 to be avail to you by phone at any time you need it).

OK, now your almost ready to fly, Do your homework on what vehicles are HOT on the net and look thru your inventory for matches. Start posting inventory into your blog like a mad man and make it personal. EXAMPLE: (my wifes blog).

While you're waiting for your blog to fill and the search engines to index you, you have $3,400 in unspent monies to put to work (budget: $4,200 Spent so far: $800).

Spend money on PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising on Google and Yahoo.

Be sure to get a buy-in from management on your efforts (jealous sales reps will whine, whine, whine and make management miserable). While soliciting management, ask that they share 50% of the costs in the project (produce receipts), payable AFTER it's up and running.

Now, your burning with NitroMethane! (aka: kik'n a**)
p.s. Have your rent-a-geek train you on how to post inventoy to Craigs list. Also ask him for a WordPress mod to allow you to easily post inventory to Craigs list.
I can see you're an out of the box thinker. Here’s some "ol' wize man" advice from another out-of-the-box thinker that's made a lot of mistakes along the way...

Joe Rule#1. Just because it's a good idea, doesn’t mean it'll work.
Always distance yourself from the idea and let it stand on its own.

Look for examples of others that have had your idea and look for hallmarks of their success (your post nails this one). FYI: Truly original ideas are rare beyond words. They come from fellas so far out that they have a hard time communicating with us all.

Joe Rule#3. Put the idea away and let it marinate.
If it's still talking to you 6 months later, then go after it. (I've got that's just dying to be worked on... grrrr)

Hope this helps,

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  • August 29, 2008
U know wut u have no idea about advertisement and how to invest money,,,,,,,,, Wurever receives 17 million searches per day and if someone is spending 300$ look at the return and when u talk about something or discuss something Try to get alot of info before u talk about it And Try to mention both the advantages and the disadvantages of it to be fair enough coz if we are talking about google or any search engine so we have to say that we have window shoppers there SOOOO THE PPC paying per will be wasting money… AND SEO is not guaranteed at all … FOR UR INFO no one goes to any yellowpages just to watch it THEY ARE REAL buyers .. I know somebody is advertising on superpages for 4 years on arrow .
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    Steven Isakson
  • August 30, 2008
Very interesting topic here. I can not justify using this type of advertising, because the way I see everyone look for a phone number is typing the info into a search engine. The company’s website will pick it up most of the time. And since all of us have a website, I can not justify using online phone books. I do believe that the paper phone books are excellent roi however.

Also, has anyone used the spanish phone book? I was approached earlier this year to get in on the first release in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland.
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    Steven Isakson
  • August 30, 2008

Can you please use English not texting type.