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Digital Dealer 10 #DD10 – The Agenda


The 10th Digital Dealer Conference starts Tuesday, April 19th in Orlando FL.

Attending Digital Dealer 10?  View the agenda here.

In less than 3 weeks, many of us will be trolling the halls of the The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort during the 10th Digital Dealer Conference in search of deeper knowledge.

As usual, there are lots of sessions to choose from. I always recommend mapping out your agenda before hand or you will quickly find yourself missing out on a session you otherwise shouldn’t have or wished you had attended. Depending on the session and who’s speaking, many times the rooms get filled up, so if you’re a little late it’s a real hassle finding a seat. Trust me, print out the agenda and map out the sessions you want to attend before hand.

If you’re in a session and you see me – SAY HELLO!! I’ll be tweeting from the conference. I know Mike likes it when I do that 🙂 –  Follow me on Twitter.

I’ll also be part of Session #204 Lessons from the Best of the Best
What does it take to succeed in today’s aggressive market? Learn what four directors did to drive record retail sales

Facilitated by Phil Sura, VP UnityWorks Media

Outline: What action items will they take back to the dealerships?
1. What processes should I be focused on to drive results? What are the successful directors using?
2. What technology should I be focused on to drive results? With hundreds of options, how do I start the process of selecting the technology and companies that will make an impact?
3. What does a good job look like? What metrics should I be focused on? How do I measure the key areas that I need to pay attention to?
4. There is so much to do.  How can I set up a department to drive great results?

David Metter:  Founder of three successful ventures including BlueAuto Interactive, HT Automotive Consulting and Mobile TattleTale Applications. Strong background on both the retail and vendor side.
Jeff Kershner:  Founder of DealerRefresh and Director of Marketing at Younger Motor Car
Wayne Ussery:  Director of Internet Marketing for Jim Ellis Automotive for 14 years.  This Internet team is selling an average of 425 units each month.
Mike Groves:  e-Commerce Director for Apple Auto Group, one of the top 100 e-commerce dealerships in the country.  Mike took Internet sales from 70 to 160 in 2.5 years.

Stop by and support the session. Phil has put together a great pane!

Here are a few of my personal recommendations and sessions I’ll be attending or have my clone attending.

Session #103 The Transparent Dealership
Learn about the fundamental shift in consumer shopping behavior and the increased need for transparency across all levels of the car shopping process

Speaker: Eddie Cawley

Session #106 Mobile, Search Marketing and Website:  Just the Numbers
Keeping up with the speed of change

Speaker: Matt Murray

Session #110 Likes or Links – Which One Stinks, and Why Social Media is BS
Candid advice from one of America’s top 50 dealership groups about social media, SEO, and mobile

Speaker: Kevin Frye

I always recommend attending Kevin’s session. Kevin is the e-commerce director of the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family, one of the top 50 dealership groups in the United States. He has also been with us here on DealerRefresh for many years and has written our annual Digital Dealer Conference Reviews:

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Session #112 Delivering Results with Live Chat
Turn your website shoppers into active buyers and move them from online leads into showroom appointments

Speaker: Todd Smith

I’m personally a huge fan of chat. When chat is set up right (in-house or outsourced) it’s a top performing lead source for any dealership. Plus – with a name like “Todd Smith”, this has to be a great session!

Session #114 Appraising Vehicles for Today’s Consumers
How to use market data to appraise and price vehicles

Speaker: Stu Zalud

This one hits home for me at the moment. Dealers and sales people struggle with the trade-in. There are some great tools that can help dealers handle the trade objections during the trade-In process. Someone say AutoTrader TIM?

Session #115 Three Dimensions of the Modern Mobile Marketer – in 3-D!
Now in theaters – join this 3-D presentation unlocking the keys to succeeding in local search in a mobile world
Speaker: Chad Polk

Session #119 Seven Secrets to Standing Out and Selling More… Without Spending More
During this high-energy, info-rich presentation you’ll discover: The one thing you can add to your web site to triple your online leads. A simple thing you can do in your e-mail marketing that will spike open rates and spur social interaction and much more..
Speakers: Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller

Session #121 From Here to Velocity
Covering strategy and culture shifts for profitable used car operations, while addressing a common question,”Where did the profit go and where is the business headed?”
Speakers: Dale Pollack

Session #209 Digital Marketing Hacks: 10 Digital Marketing Secrets that will Save you $100,000 Next Year
Learn digital marketing secrets the industry doesn’t want you to know about
Speakers: Duncan Scarry

Session #212 Predict your own Future with Today’s Data
By observing and reporting on today’s auto shopper’s behavior, we can now foresee and forecast future sales better than ever
Speakers: Jason Ezell

I’m positive Jason will be offering some great information for dealers to act on. I’d be sure to attend this one!

Session #216 Integrated Social Media Marketing for Car Dealers
From electing an American president to toppling an Egyptian dictator, there seems to be no limits to what social media can do, but what about driving profitable business into today’s dealership?
Speakers: Ralph Paglia

Ralph is always a dynamic speaker.

Session #210 Knowledge is Power
Learn from dealer experts in this lively panel discussion
Speakers: Shaun Raines

Shaun will be hosting a panel offering an inside view from some of the brightest stars and most respected automotive groups in the country.

Session #218 Dealer 3.0 Cheat Sheet
Revealed! A behind the scenes look at Internet and phone processes
Speakers: Jerry Thibeau and Alex Jefferson

Be sure to check out Jerry and Alex in this power session and walk away with some Phone Ninja Skills.

Session #223 Internet to Splinternet
How to stay ahead of tech savvy customers
Speaker: Tim Clay

Session #225 Buyer’s Choice
Win the sale with your online reputation
Speaker: Nick Hummer

Nick is director of product development at and has led the development efforts of dealer reviews on Don’t miss our Exclusive Interview with on Dealer Ratings and Reviews

Session #226 Advanced Strategy and Analytics for Marketing and Sales
Come away knowing how to use the latest analytical tools and benchmarks for marketing from the industry’s leading independent source
Speaker: Dennis Galbraith – Author of Sales Integration and the auto industry’s leading independent marketing expert.

Session #302 Mobile Marketing and the Dealer
Creating, promoting, and executing an effective mobile marketing strategy for your dealership
Speaker: Ben Anderson

I’ll personally be sitting in Ben’s session. I have no doubt Ben will have lost of great information on mobile to share.

Ahh Heck – there I’m tired of typing this out. There will no doubt be a number of great sessions to attend.

If you see me, stop me and say hello. Have a great time at #DD10 and after the conference, if you have a question about something or looking to gain more knowledge on a subject, leverage our DealerRefresh Dealer forums. There’s a lot of smart people in the community that will be happy to assist!

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
This and the Automotive Marketing Bootcamp will be great and a lot of fun. I'm glad Rob Fontano, who was actually on the cover of Digital Dealer, will be speaking. We have worked extensively with Rob to create videos that crush the competition.

John Marazzi from Marazzi Nissan and Audi Jag Landrover Fort Myers in a testimonial for ITZ Media Group (Went from 50 cars a month to over 400):