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DrivingSales Vendor Ratings Contest Winners Are…

DrivingSales Vendor Ratings CONTEST – The Winners are…

Last month we helped promote the DrivingSales vendor ratings CONTEST, so of course we would highlight the winners.

It was great to see a few DealerRefresh members in the winning circle. A quick Congratulations to our good friends Aaron Holland, Larry Whitson, and Jeff Collins for winning the Driving Sales weekly contest drawing and receiving a $100 Amazon gift card each!

But big winner of the MacBook Air is  Michael Baker from Antioch Auto Center! <– some juice for ya

Mike will be receiving a brand new, straight from the store, 11-inch MacBook Air. Mike, you’re going to love it! I’m typing out this post on my 11-inch MacBook Air. Be sure to check out this thread once you have that baby fired up for our members suggestions on what apps to get for your new MacBook Air.

The DrivingSales vendor ratings is catching on, as I quote Mike – “I have totally used your Vendor Ratings to look up other vendors and products that we might want to use

The prizes and contests are one thing, and we have a lot of discussions here on DealerRefresh Forums about different vendors and services,  but it’s also great to have an additional organized place where dealers can see how other industry services stack up against each other in one place.

Thanks to all the DealerRefresh members that have helped contribute to the DrivingSales vendor ratings. Remember, you can rate your vendors all year long – once per quarter for each vendor. Each review makes the database more robust and better informs dealer

Again, congratulations to Mike Baker as the grand prize winner of a brand new MacBook Air!

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