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Phoning It In From Facebook’s News Feed: Local Awareness Ads Are Now Available

Facebook’s News Feed is about to get more efficient and helpful.

Facebook Local Awareness Ads -

Last week Facebook announced the ability to add “Call Now” call to action buttons to sponsored ads. The local awareness ads feature is rolling out slowly, most likely to profiles and pages who are actively using targeted ads.

These local awareness ads are designed to reach more people who may be near your business. Instead of a Shop Now call to action button, which takes the user to a specific page in your website, the new Call Now button makes it easy for people to call your business – from their News Feed.

This is an excellent opportunity for dealers to target specific areas and people. Perfect for test drive appointments, service coupons, reservations for an event or anything else worthy of driving a phone call.

How Do I Create a Local Awareness Ad to Promote My Dealership?

Facebook made it very simple to build these ads. Page administrators can create and publish a new ad, within your business page, in just minutes.

Create local awareness ads -


Create local awareness ads -


  • You should see a third option in the Promote drop down menu at the top right of your page, or in the left sidebar menu
  • Select Promote Local Business 
  • When the ad builder opens…
  • Create the ad with your custom text, headline, image and select the Call Now button
  • Set your audience parameters: Distance, age, gender (Defaults: Distance, 4 miles; Age. 18-65+. Gender, all)
  • Set your ad budget and duration (Defaults: budget, $10/day; length, 10 days)
  • Review, click Promote to start you local awareness campaign


Make a local awareness ad -

Make a local awareness ad -


NOTE: Be smart and make sure your internal process is in place. Notify your BDC, sales staff and/or greeters, of the specific promotion you’re running and it’s purpose. Is there a special way to handle the calls? Something you want them to say ? Train them on it, don’t let them wing it. Don’t create bad experiences, it’s always frustrating for customers when employees aren’t aware of a current promotion.

Have you tried a Local Awareness Ad for your dealership yet? 


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