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5 Keywords to Include in your Job Description

Millennials­ now make up the majority of the U.S. workforce, and they bring different expectations to the job than the generations before them. In order for companies to attract top talent today, they must highlight the ways in which they can meet these new employee needs.

For many companies, the job descriptions they have used for decades must be revamped with appropriate wording and highlights to appeal to a new target audience. Job descriptions featuring keywords will yield organizations more qualified candidates for consideration, by positioning them as an employer of choice to top talent.

The most successful job descriptions should be a combination of marketing, a description of the role and career path, and the company culture and vision.

Read on for the top five keywords every job description should include to help attract the best candidates for your dealership.

1. Culture

Perhaps one of the most important components of the recruitment process is correctly outlining your dealership’s culture, and seeking out individuals who not only possess the skills required to do the job, but will fit in well within that culture. Ultimately, hiring someone who is not a good fit will limit the employee’s engagement and increase your dealership’s turnover rate. This results in wasted time, money and limited productivity.

The individual job seekers will be evaluating your dealership on how it fits into their lifestyle as much as you’ll be evaluating them. If your company offers special perks, such as a happy hour, relaxed attire, free food or flexible schedules, showcase them on your career site to appeal to potential employees.

2. Career Path

Millennials are also interested in knowing that their time with a company will lead to promotions and professional growth opportunities. Rather than simply detailing daily tasks for the position at hand, clearly identify the ways in which a candidate can advance within the company, and how their position will help them do that.

Instead of presenting a list of responsibilities, consider filling a job description with information on how the job will contribute to the overall success of the dealership, as well as the potential for advancement and how the candidate’s accomplishments will help aid your organization.

The goal is to amp up a potential employee’s excitement about the company and where it’s going, to make them want to become a part of that.

3. Vision

Not only do millennials want to identify with a company’s culture and know they will have the opportunity for career advancement, but they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They want to work for a company with similar values and vision, and seek out employers that align with their views. Many millennials want to make the world a better place, and look for jobs where they can feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment outside of the traditional salary and benefits.

One way they look to do this is to become part of a company that seeks solutions for social and environmental challenges. In job descriptions, companies should clearly articulate any causes or initiatives aimed at giving back, such as paid time off for employees to volunteer, to make clear to candidates not just what is important to the company, but the steps the organization is taking to back it up.

4. Winning

As mentioned, millennials today are looking past the paycheck and want a job with a sense of purpose that contributes to an overall picture and a greater good. To do this, they are looking to join a winning team. They want to know their company is on the forefront of internal development, striving to become bigger and better for their customers and their employees.

Dealerships should tout company success and vision for upcoming innovation or expansion to demonstrate to candidates how the company is keeping its finger on the pulse. Conveying a winning strategy will get candidates excited to join, and grow with, the team.

5. Engaging

Tell prospective candidates your company’s story – quickly. Rather than repurposing an old narrative of your founding, grab a candidate’s attention with the most tempting part of the organization. A company should get creative in convincing their target audience why they should want to work for them.

Companies often wrongly assume that candidates automatically want to work for the company if they are applying for the position. With millennials especially, however, that is not the case. They are vetting you as much as you are them.

If your company has the ability, incorporate a multi-media aspect to the job description to help bring your dealership to life. Consider short employee videos where they describe in their own words why they love working for you, or add an infographic to illustrate your company stats rather than filling up the space with a dry paragraph.

A proper, well-written job description will not only help attract the best candidates for the position, but it will allow unqualified individuals to self-select themselves out of the running early on, saving you time.

Lastly, it is also important to revisit job descriptions on a regular basis to update any information accordingly, such as organizational development or the evolution of new technologies in the space, ensuring you continue attracting the best candidates to your organization.

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