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I stumbled across this nifty program
several weeks back. I don’t want this posting to sound like a sales pitch, but if you’re tired of managing duplicate leads every month you should really consider checking into i-LeadControl.

After spending some time on the website I was intrigued and decided to make a phone call. I had a long conversation with Steve Williams (one of the owners and ALSO an Internet Sales Manager!) about his product and sat through a quick demonstration. Needless to say I was impressed and wondered why didn’t I come up with this myself?

You basically forward ALL of your leads (3rd Party leads, dealer website, AutoTrader, etc.) to i-LeadControl. As your leads pass though the system, it gathers all the information then instantaneously passes the leads along to your ILM or CRM system. i-LeadControl automatically monitors, analyzes for duplication, and documents every lead that you receive.

I get tired of tracking all of my duplicate leads (since eLead Evolution 1 does’nt have a duplicate lead report). I try to keep track of it on a day by day basis but I eventually get behind and find myself trying to track them down at the end of the month. There are a few CRM’s that do a decent job tracking your duplicate leads but most do not. And the ones that do, don’t produce and actual credit invoice that you print off and send in with your bill, saving you some money .

I’ve been on board for a a few weeks now and it’s really simple to use. The set up was easy and pulling the reports is even easier. I will say, I don’t think the lead providers are going to like this too much BUT HEY; they have been screwing the dealers for so long, now it it’s time we stand our ground and get credit for all of those duplicate leads they send us.

After speaking with Steve, I really wanted to help him get his product off the ground while letting everyone know of a program that will save us ISM’s some time and money. SO we decided to offer a "DealerRefresh Special"!! If you are interested in trying out i-LeadControl, DealerRefresh readers get $100.00 OFF the setup fee.

The normal set-up fee is usually $499.99 but IF YOU MENTION DealerRefresh you get your set-up fee at a reduced rate of $399.99.

If you have a few questions before calling, you can
read the FAQ’s
about i-LeadControl. I recommend taking 5 minutes and sitting through a demo to see if it works for you.


Screen shot of a duplicate lead report.


Screen shot of a generated invoice that you send it with your bill.

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this is a great concept which we built into our tools 3 years ago. All of our systems dup check the leads and automatically return the bad leads for credit. Nice part about it being integrated into your CRM/ILM is that your statistical averages and close ratios are pure.

For those that don't use iMagicLab, sounds like this product may be a time saver.
Keith has a great point, however, I have found that crm/ilm tools that return the lead automatically either don't always get credited because the process still requires human intervention on the lead providers side (you should really trust they will do the right thing- LOL), and this does not always happen, or the controller/accounts payable at the dealership level don't know to look for the discount/credit they should be getting on the lead providers invoice. By using this product you know you get the credit because the controller/accounts payable are trained to print the report when they get the invoice from the lead provider and pay the right amount at that time. - We tested i-LeadControl against a crm/ilm tool that sent the dupes back to the provider (we will not mention which tool, but a prevalent one) at a medium sized import store - - - i-LeadControl saved over $400 more than the crm/ilm tool in the same 30 days time frame... YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF AND YOUR DEALERSHIP TO SCHEDULE A DEMO AND CHECK IT OUT!
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  • October 20, 2007
Problem with I-Lead Control is it only does dupe checking. What about leads that have bad contact info that you shouldn't be paying for? I-Lead Control can't account for those so it is a partial solution.

For $399 a month you can get a complete ILM software package that just includes this fundamental feature.

MotoSnap ILM from VinStickers also does very thorough bad lad reporting and can even reprint vendor invoices like I-Lead Control.

Two things. First, you're right about the bad leads and this is something we're addressing, and secondly, the $399 is not a monthly charge. That's the one time set up fee. For successive months our business model is performance based where we only charge you a portion of what we save you.
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  • March 19, 2008
How many lead providers charge on a per lead basis vs a flat monthly fee regardless of the number of leads?
Our dealership uses iMagiclab and I do like their feature of checking for duplicate leads although it is far from perfect. The problem I have with any tool that automatically checks duplicates is that it is not accurate.

For example, what if you have a walk in customer leave your dealership on Monday morning and then submits a lead on your website that same evening? Do you count that lead as a duplicate? If so, ileadcontrol does not work for you. What if someone types their name with and without a typo so are these two different leads or one? What if you have a lead come in today and the guy buys a different brand instead. Now 2 months from now he submits another lead. Is that a duplicate? Some people shop for months while other buy within a day. Maybe this guy is interested in a second car or maybe he is still interested in the same, because he really did not buy yet. These are just 3 examples.

What you really need is to manually input your scrubbed data in to a tool that shows it to you. Yes this means manual data entry, but it sure is a whole lot more accurate. Good things do not come cheap!

How do you guys check your closing percentages per vendor? Do you simply use the reports that your CRM/ILM provides? If so, your numbers are wrong no matter what tool you use. Of course on the other side, you also have the problem of data integrity when you manually enter your data, because in most cases the person creating the report is the one that gets paid based on the results.

I have develloped an Exell spreadsheet that graphs and tabulates things like:

-Cost per vehicle sold by vendor
-Cost per vehicle lead by vendor
-Average gross by sales person
-Average gross by vendor
-Closing ratio by vendor
-Closing ratio by sales person
-Vehicle Model Mix MTD or YTD

This really helps us determine which vendor to keep or to renegotiate with. Which sales person needs more help or the axe...

Anyways, sorry to get sidetracked on this post. LoL

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    Pam Hoffman
  • November 12, 2008