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    William Bryant
  • December 20, 2008
"That's one big driveway"

"Uh, yeah thank you!"

Jeff, you are a Cardone's biggest fan, eh?
William, why would you ask that?

Do I appreciate his training and his forward thinking? Absolutely.

Do I respect the fact that he is in a position to leverage his popularity and voice to speak on behalf of dealers? Absolutely.

Does me makes mistakes and fumble some words? yea just like the rest of us.
thanks jeff....the world is filled with people that sit at home and watch the game, others sit in the stands, some were good enough to make the team but still sit on the bench not yet good enough to play, while others take a risk and actually put themselves on the playing field.

I have always said that criticism is an indication that at least I am on the field playing the game. I really respect you for doing what you can and taking the risk that you do. grant cardone, author of sell to survive
Jeff i wonder why the quality of the video has diminished on your site...
Grant is awesome, lots of wisdom and great training tactics.
Jeff, you misunderstand me. As usual my dry humor goes mis-interpreted in text.

I share your love for Grant, I've been to several of his seminars and wouldn't fork over the dollars for his stuff if I didn't think it was great!

I was being sarcastic, Grant stumbled and it was kinda funny. We all know he's hugely successful and he wasn't sure what to say. I get that too, that's why it was funny.

Ah... looks like I stumbled my words... JEFF Don't mark me off your good list! Love ya man! I'll be more detailed next time!
You're a reader! Awesome... Want you to know wasn't criticizing you. I enjoy your stuff, I employ many of your tactics daily. I just kinda chuckled when you weren't sure what to say because I do that; if I would've said it in person we would've all had a laugh, but this goes to reason why I do video blogs better.

I'm a fan, really!