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How to attract Gen Y sales people

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How to attract Gen Y sales people?

Hi everyone, 1st time posting here! Phone Ninja, I went to your class at NADA in New Orleans just a short while ago. Enjoyed it.

I am trying to hire some GenY employee’s to work at my dealership. It’s been quite a challenge so far. I would be happy to hire them as a customer service/BDC style employee, Internet Dept. team member, or sales floor depending on their preference. Many of the people that apply are the grizzled veterans who are not very receptive to using a CRM like VinSolutions and can’t email effectively. I want to start fresh and train my way!

How/where can you attract these type of people? What industries have you all pulled from and had success? Is there a stigma to having a used car lot for the younger crowd?

How does your dealership attract Gen Y sales people?

Do you use video? Tell us what YOU do!

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