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INFOGRAPHIC: The Concierge Economy and Your Dealership


What do grocery stores, weather apps, and streaming content providers have in common?

ANSWER: They all use concierge services to personalize the user experience, and drive revenue.

Concierge services include anything that puts items or services in front of customers before they even realize they need it. It’s the approach behind grocery stores that present coupons and special offers based on a customer’s shopping habits and previous purchases. It’s what drives the code behind those spot-on recommendations from Amazon and Netflix.

The general demand for concierge service has also been the catalyst for companies like Uber, TaskRabbit, Fiverr and the multitude of subscription services now available.

We’ve already seen the growth potential in this area thanks to the rise of online shopping. Not only are people happy to order clothes and personal items online, now grocery store sales are taking off. It’s an industry that is expected to grow to more than $100 billion by 2025.

Meanwhile, Amazon is setting the bar when it comes to driving sales based on recommendations. The approach of recommending products now accounts for a third of their annual sales.

What is the Concierge Economy?

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Concierge Services in Auto Retail

So how can dealers harness this power and tap into the concierge economy? It’s simple once you understand the basic road map that creates a concierge economy within your dealership:

  • Gather and analyze data
  • Provide personalized content
  • Anticipate customers’ needs

Concierge Economy for Auto Dealers

People want to make their lives easier and the concierge economy does exactly that. People can delegate everything from shopping for their monthly essentials and picking up dry cleaning to standing in line for concert tickets and wrapping gifts. There are ways to make this approach work in a multitude of industries and, when done correctly, the pay off can be huge.

Concierge economy service provides a seamless, personalized, and convenient digital shopping experience. Shoppers have come to expect this high level of service in every area of e-commerce, and they are expecting this type of experience when shopping for their next vehicle now too.

Concierge Economy for Auto Dealers

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