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Introducing the All-New DealerRefresh Podcast – In the Mix

Don’t you just love a good old-fashioned radio show?

Well if you do then you should listen to the radio. But if podcasts are your medium of choice, then be sure to subscribe the all-new DealerRefresh Podcast – “In the Mix!” Hosted by Refreshers Ryan Gerardi and Chris K Leslie, In the Mix is quickly becoming a preferred for keeping up with everything going on at DealerRefresh.

From webinars to interviews, Refresh Friday broadcasts, and humorous insightful commentary with your hosts and occasional guests, the DealerRefresh Podcast showcases everything going on…and more, offering up perspectives, opinions, obstacles, and observations from the best minds and personalities in the industry.

Subscribe and Listen on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Google Play

At present, the podcast is being hosted on Soundcloud where you can catch all current episodes using your browser. This is where we will link people to from blogs, discussion threads in the forums, emails, etc.

If you’re an avid podcaster then be sure to search for DealerRefresh from your favorite podcasting app, be it, Apple’s Podcast iOS app, Overcast, etc. Here are some additional links to get you started:

Comments, Questions, Feedback, and Ideas

At DealerRefresh we are always striving to provide the optimal experience with our Members and like all new ideas and experiments like this, we welcome your feedback and ideas on how to improve what we do. Please follow this link to the Forums to let us know your thoughts and ideas around the DealerRefresh podcast. Thanks.


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