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Kershner’s – Back to the Dealer Diary

It’s been a bit over 10 years since I’ve been on ground level (day to day operations) at the dealership.

Since then, was on the “corporate” level for one of the more larger groups in the US, director of marketing for a smaller group in my hometown, helped build and get AutoHook off the ground and consulted with many dealers and industry vendors, all while continuing to build-out and manage DealerRefresh.

Why go back back to the dealer?

I don’t have a definitive answer. It was timing more than anything; an opportunity presenting itself at the right moment. In addition, I’ve felt like I was losing some of my edge, in-touch of being at the dealership. And maybe I’ve been missing it, just a little. No matter how long you’ve been in the industry, when you step away from the day to day, after time it’s only natural you forget.

The day to day operations (and no one that spoke my language) at the dealership is what inspired me to start DealerRefresh, over 11 years ago, and it’s what has driven the passion and commitment to build out the Dealer Forums and continue on. So here I am, back at the dealership I was working with when I first start DealerRefresh. Makes for an interesting story doesn’t it?

Back then, I was handed a blank page and was asked to build upon as I saw fit. I had free rein in choosing a Website Provider, Inventory Management and Marketing Solutions, Vehicle Listing Portals, CRM / Desking and so-forth. This time around it’s a bit different. However, many of my decisions made back then stick today.

I’ll do my best at staying as transparent as possible while at keeping the “diary” updated with much of my day to day operations, obstacles, projects, ideas, solutions (and I’m sure a few rants) while staying clear of sensitive information. Keeping a fair balance with outside services and vendors.

Stepping into the position wasn’t the smoothest transition, as I’ve had to quickly pick up pieces of the fallen puzzle. An amazing dealership with wonderful personnel but quite typical one when it comes to being overly organized with their vendors, technology and marketing. A few pieces here handed to me here and there, several pieces found under a rug and the bottom of my chair. Many pieces I’m still looking for. Some pieces are in the hands of others, I can only guess they’re not even yet aware. You get the picture.

That’s my analogy so I don’t upset the wrong people. It’s all good though. I’m really looking forward in helping to bring about some change while getting my hands dirty again in the operations.

That’s it for now. Follow me over on the dealer forums as I re-navigate my way through hope to post a few times a week. I’m sure I’ll skip all over the place, from one project to the next.

Follow me over on the dealer forums and let’s have some fun!