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Free Dealer Guide: Leveraging Online Reviews for a Competitive Edge

SponsoredOnline reviews are the new word of mouth. A positive online review of your dealership causes a ripple effect that creates sales faster than a one-on-one conversation ever could.

The good news is that you can put reviews to work for you as
a competitive asset to grow sales, improve customer retention and empower your sales staff.

The key is to take ownership of reviews by creating a process for systematically managing them.

Read the full report below, to understand the importance of reviews in today’s car buying journey, as well as critical next steps you need to take to win with online reviews. After reading this report, you will learn:

  • How to take ownership of your reviews by actively managing them
  • How to highlight your reviews to drive customer retention and sales
  • How to use reviews to engage and retain your sales staff

The voice of the customer has a powerful impact on business today. You have a good opportunity to use reviews, both positive and negative –to acquire customers and create lifetime value.

Read on to start turning online reviews into one of your strongest competitive assets.

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The power of reviews

A huge 73% of consumers, looking to purchase a car, place a high value on consumer reviews and expert reviews. Today, online consumer reviews are also more readily available – something the Millennial generation has grown up expecting.  Online reviews also play a pivotal role in making your dealership more visible through search engine optimization (SEO), especially at the local level given the prominence of reviews online.

If you don’t currently have a reviews strategy, and you have less than three reviews – and they’re negative – you are likely deterring customers from your dealership. Your minimum goal is to have at least five for car shoppers to read and consider.

Go here now to get this free dealer guide and start implementing an online review strategy for your dealership to make reviews the most valuable asset of your marketing. This will give you the competitive edge to boost your sales to a higher level.


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