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Mercedes-Benz BDC Managers..

Mb_logo_1Are you a Mercedes-Benz BDC Manager?

If so, I have put together an exclusive website just for us! – this is where you can go to voice your opinions and share your comments about the “Mercedes Qualified” CRM Vendors that Mercedes-Benz USA allowed you to choose from and are now currently using.

I took it upon myself to put this site together after attending the MB-BDC meeting in Philly. While I was there, someone had suggested that Managers should be supplied a list of dealers corresponding to each CRM Vendor. This would allow the Mercedes BDC Managers the ability to Network and “Team Up” with other Mercedes BDC Managers in order to help get enhancements features added or changed to their CRM Software. I thought it was a great idea! (if that person ever reads this..please send me an email!).

So, IF you are indeed a Mercedes BDC Manager, please visit or link directly to your corresponding CRM Software Vendor page below.

If you are not a Mercedes BDC manager but are using one of the mentioned CRM Vendors, please feel free to express your comments as well.

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