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New Study Shows Facebook Ads Help Sell Cars

Inbound marketing advocates have a phrase that a person is more likely to get struck by lightening than click on a paid advertisement.

Clearly, current and future car buyers (and, dealerships) are taking their chances, as it was recently reported that Facebook paid ads are greasing the sales funnel for car dealerships.

facebook car brand influence

In a study performed by comScore Action Lift (initiated by Facebook) it was revealed that automotive campaigns that are run on Facebook DO influence people’s choices on brands.  Further, the study showed that not only do these ads influence shoppers; it decreased the appeal of a competitor.

This week at the Automotive News World Congress, Facebook’s head of automotive strategy, Kass Dawson will announce and discuss the results of the study.

What happens AFTER viewing a Facebook ad:

  • 37% visited a brand’s website.
  • 17% brand page visits on automotive-endemic sites.
  • 11% brand search activity.
  • 3% decrease in competitive brand searches.
  • 14% decrease in competitive model searches.

So, while right now we only have a teaser of information I couldn’t help but wonder:

  • How often have you clicked on a Facebook ad? (Me: Guilty)
  • Does your dealership allocated money to paid advertisements? Is Facebook in the budget?
  • How do you think these results compare to sponsored posts?
  • Am I the only sucker who clicked on a Facebook ad?

Let me know in the comments below!

Click here to learn more about comScore’s findings.

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