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Before You Draw Your Lightsaber, Consider Your Current Advantage

Go ahead; admit it … you once dreamed of becoming a Jedi Knight! Even if you haven’t actually dreamed of being a Jedi, I’m sure you’ve played like a Jedi at least once in your life.

Wielding your imaginary lightsaber, you felt the force. With your grip held tight, the energy and power you experienced felt very real. As a Jedi, your mindset inspired others to align with compassion, selflessness, self-knowledge and enlightenment, healing, mercy and benevolence, right? Ok – maybe not so much!

But one thing is clear. During that brief imaginary moment in time, you really did feel as though you were representing something good. You imagined yourself as a hero; serving and protecting what you believed was right.

Fast forward to adulthood. Chances are you still serve and protect what you believe is right. Every human on earth, by design, has his or her own operating system. We are driven by our beliefs. Those beliefs are fueled by our passions, and our path is calculated by our personal values.

Who we are (mindset), determines what we do (plan) and how we do it (action).

Yet more often, taking ownership of our own mindset, plan and action becomes an imminent challenge. When we witness an event that causes our heart to race, our mind to spin and our blood to boil, we immediately begin to blame others for the way we are feeling.

  • She said this
  • He did that
  • They cheated us

When these types of situation occur, our instinct is to fight and defend ourselves. We also find ourselves picking sides – proclaiming, “It didn’t have to happen to me… it happened to my friend and/or family member – and I will not stand for it!”

Rarely do we stop long enough to seek understanding. We don’t honor ourselves by asking why can’t I stand for this? We don’t trust ourselves enough to explore our current advantage. Instead of asking others to explain themselves, we immediately choose to battle.

Remember, a Jedi fights only as a last resort. If you are forced to draw your lightsaber, you have already forfeited much of your advantage. A Jedi trusts the Force and at first seeks other ways to resolve problems: patience, logic, tolerance, attentive listening, negotiation, persuasion, calming techniques. But there are times when a Jedi must fight. ~ Luke Skywalker to his students

How much more successful could YOU become if you took ownership for your mindset, and stopped blaming others for the way they made you feel?

  • Before you choose to enter into battle, are you consciously aware of your intentions to participate in the battle?
  • Are you reacting to a problem, or taking action to resolve a problem?
  • ill your participation (words & actions) during this battle honor you?
  • When it’s over, are you fully prepared to own your part in igniting the battle?

[Tweet “A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense. Never for attack. ―Yoda”]

Before you draw your lightsaber for battle, understand that this weapon has a blade made of pure energy. When you choose to leverage your best self, you will always WIN the battle. You see, the real battle begins from within. Who are you? What do you want? How can you achieve a desirable result?

Seek to understand your own thoughts and feelings. Accept that things will happen in your lifetime, and leverage the power you have to decide how things will affects you. Own your actions, and choose to WIN by honoring yourself.

May the Force be with you.

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