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RepairPal Certified Service and and RepairPal have had a partnership of some degree dating back to 2008. Here’s a snippet from the 2008 announcement…

RepairPal will join forces with to deliver a unique experience for consumers needing automobile repair and ownership information. The two companies will work together to deliver a co-branded site, free to consumers. Key features of the co-branded RepairPal and site include:

  • RepairPrice Estimator. Delivers accurate, “instant” auto repair and maintenance estimates.
  • Common Problems. Our expert technicians share known issues for each specific make and model.
  • Quality Mechanic Q&A. Provides car insight and solutions from ASE-certified mechanics.
  • Comprehensive Auto Shop Directory. Empowers drivers to find a great local mechanic, features user-ratings and reviews.
  • Helpful Auto Ownership Content. Features “How To’s” and helpful hints, problems to be aware of, recalls & TSB information, and an in-depth encyclopedia of automotive terms.

Fast forward 8 years to TODAY – 2016 and and RepairPal continue with their partnership, offering what seems to be very much of the same. RepairPal Certified

Highlight your dealer’s service department excellence to win car owners’ trust with RepairPal Certified <– opens into a PDF with more information.

By pre-qualifying your service department with a certification badge, RepairPal Certified gives in-market service shoppers the confidence to consider and choose your shop.

To earn and maintain your RepairPal certification, your service department completes an assessment that covers all repair process components. Upon passing, your shop receives its RepairPal Certified badge to showcase its fixed ops in ways competitors can’t.

I’m an advocate of features and services such as this, because that when utilized can really help differentiate your dealership from the competition.

Do we have ANY dealer members here on DealerRefresh that’s / RepairPal Certified??

If you are, fill us in! What do you get from it beside warm’n fuzzies?
Is there an ROI to being RepairPal Certified and having the Certification Badge on your Dealer Profile page?

I used to have a GREAT relationship with I hosted a monthly article from the DealerAdvantage team and they were one of the few larger companies that were actively communicating with dealers over on the dealer forums and alike. But since the big change I don’t hear a peep from them, or else I would include some more insight around this myself. 

Comments are happening over in the dealer forums.

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