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Reviewing the Rules – Lets be Courteous, Civil and Understanding.

I think it’s time to REVIEW the RULES AGAIN for commenting.

There have been a few articles here lately that have run ramped with comments. As much as I would like to, I can’t possibly monitor each and every comment but I ask that we all try and play by the rules. Be open minded of others opinions and make every effort to be courteous, civil and understanding.

Lets review:

  1. No Slandering – especially on a personal level. If you have had a bad experience with a company or their product, please share your thoughts but keep it tasteful and give examples to back up your opinions. Do not attack guest writers, writers or commenter’s! Keep it clean and remember we are all here for the same reason (at least we should be).
  2. No anonymous posts – I admit, this one has gotten a little out of hand. If you have something to say, then it’s only fair to “show your face”. If you are a newbie, use the “Website” portion of the comments form to link to your website, Linkedin page or any other profile page that you use.
  3. Excessive Pimping or Self-promotion of a website or company will be deleted. Be supportive, offer valuable feedback to other readers. This goes way further then merely plugging yourself or someone else. Believe me, we all see right through it.
  4. Stay on Topic. The purpose of a post is to discuss that specific topic. Going off topic provides no value to other readers. If there is a topic you would like to discuss, send me an email.
  5. Take full ownership of your comments. Always re-read your comments and feedback before hitting the post button. Don’t call me 3 hours later asking if I’ll remove your comments from the thread because you said something that maybe you shouldn’t have. This is the Internet, take ownership for your actions.

Did I miss anything?


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    Jon Groenig
  • January 27, 2009
Hey Jeff,

I quite reading the Autotrader post a few days ago, did it get off track like it always does? It always seems like your "Rules" post comes out whenever there is an Autotrader post on the site.
I am 100% on the same page with you.
AutoTrader always brings out the best in people.
Phew!!! I thought it was me. Thanks guys.
  • J
    Jeff Kershner
  • January 28, 2009
It was not 1 instance that made we want to revisit the Rules. But you are right Jon, everything there is a post about AutoTrader, the comments seem to run rampant.

I just felt a little too much negativity in the air and was hoping that a revisit to the rules would remind us all to be courteous when you might not agree with someone OR when you think "this would be a great time to just pimp my product".

I'm sure it will simmer down here soon.
Jeff - It does seem to create a lot of tension. I felt it was best that I posted the comment on there just recently.
We get so tied up on fighting for our products, defending them & hating on others. We tend to forget the passion for learning from others.
Jeff -

Nice job reeling it back in; too many negative vibes ruins the focus of the community and keeps everyone off-point.

As a group, we have so much more to offer each other, and the industry, than simply complaining about something that is completely within our control.

Not happy with something? Change it & share your solutions.

Looking to bitch? Go to Rants & Raves on Craigslist.

Jeff continues to bring high-level discussions & idea sharing to the table - we can do the same...
  • G
  • February 2, 2009
Jeff/Alex- FYI- I believe portraying someone or entity incorrectly (negatively) in speech is slander, while malicious, false and defamatory portrayals in other forms of communication (written word, photos) is libel. all the same, bad stuff. Just FYI
Yeah... on comments, re-read it in a different tone since "tone" can't be read online. Learned that one here the hard way, trying to be silly and meaning no offense! No harm though, we'll all see each other a Digital Dealer (?maybe) and have a good one!