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A Neat Social Media Strategy Tool – Check it out

This found it’s way into my inbox over the weekend. It takes about 10-20 minutes to get through the through the 6 steps.

STEP 1 – What Do You Want To Accomplish with your Social Media Strategy?
STEP 2 – Determine Where You Are In the Social Media Lifecycle
STEP 3 – Understand & Rank Challenges
STEP 4 – Monitoring Target Audiences and Ranking by Social Media Behavior STEP 5 – Aligning Objectives and Measurement
STEP 6 – Finding the Right Tactics

Complete all 6 Steps and you’re rewarded with a PDF Strategy Workbook filled with a information, worksheets, and resources catered around your defined priorities for your social media strategy.

As good as this “Strategy Tool” is, it is exactly what it is – a tool to help you build a strategy and not so much a best practice guide. However, it goes provide links to many resources to help with this.

If you complete the 6 steps – let me know what you think in the comments.

BTW – what’s your dealerships social media strategy?

vocus social media tool get started

Take Six Fast Steps to Social Media Success

The best person to build your social media strategy is you. And we just made it easy.

We took the best social media research out there: Marketing Sherpa’s Social Media Roadmap and 2010/2011 Benchmark Reports. We turned it into an interactive tool that lets you create a custom strategy tailored exactly to your needs.

In just six steps, you drag–and–drop your goals, answer questions and select the route and resources that are right for you. The tool does the rest, building you a 35–page workbook with a detailed plan based on your choices. You’ll find insight, next steps, worksheets, links to resources, and data that shows you where you stand compared to your industry peers.

Explore it at your own pace, decide where you want to go, and even take away a blank workbook if you want to do it alone. You’re in control—and it’s totally free!

vocus social strategy tool

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  • August 30, 2011
Worth 15-20 minutes, sure.  Good thought starters...
Agree with JQ: Good thought starter.