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Should You Be Cross Training New Employees?

Traditional roles in dealership culture are changing rapidly, and current employee structures need to adapt accordingly. In the past, it was not uncommon for a dealership to foster a culture where most employees operated within siloes. For example, sales associates and finance & insurance (F&I) personnel traditionally were relegated to two separate departments with little-to-no …
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Your Sales Hiring Forecast 2017 and Keeping Up with the New Buyer

Today’s buyers want to purchase cars like they purchase everything else — simple, fast, and in a transparent manner. With broad access to the internet, the days of distrust for the car-buying process are long gone, and in its place is a system that works in the buyer’s favor. Once a buyer visits one or …
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What Retail Automotive Can Learn from College Sports Recruiting

T: What your dealership can learn from College Sports Recruiting! http://xxxx Another must read article from @CraneAutoHR T: Dealers stop settling for what’s available and start working to attract the best players for your team. Here's how - http://xxxx w/ @CraneAutoHR F: In retail automotive we tend to go after whoever performs the best in the interview, or in desperate times whoever shows up to the interview. Dealers, stop settling for what’s available and start working hard to attract the best and most talented players. Consider this... Another great article on Human Capital Strategies from Candice Crane / @CraneAutoHR