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Tesla Dead Last in Dealer Experience

Long Live the Dealership?


Despite his marketing and public relations NASA-level genius status, Elon Musk can’t compete with dealerships. According to a customer study by Pied Piper Customer Management Company Tesla just can’t covert shoppers into buyers the same way us dealers can. The inability to offer a test drive was noted a big blocker, as well as their sales people not being able to ask for the sale.

From the article:

“Dealerships that sell proactively — think of them as doing everything they can to be helpful to a car-shopper — not only end up selling a lot more vehicles, they also end up with happy shoppers and customers. On the other hand, customers don’t usually mind the ‘museum curator’ dealerships, with courteous salespeople who answer questions but do nothing to proactively sell. The difference is that the ‘museum curator’ dealerships end up much less successful; selling fewer vehicles … “

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