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The Weekly Refresh – ThinkDigital07, CallCommand,

Daily_refresh_iconI hope everyone had an eventful June and July 4th!! Made some money and pushed some metal.

Here is The Weekly Refresh:

  • Jumpstart Automotive Media’s VP of product development addresses the key automotive concerns discussed at ThinkDigital07.

When 35 members of the publisher, agency and auto dealer communities gathered in Napa recently for Jumpstart Automotive Media’s ThinkDigital07 event, the conversation was fluid, and voices were eager to be heard. We covered numerous topics that I’ll highlight here…

  • CallCommand acquires portion of Autobytel for $7.6 million
  • Autobytel’s
  • consumer Web site, was launched in a Beta version. Sort of a 2.0 Social networking website for car enthusiasts and consumers. Good idea, maybe..but the site is NOT 2.0.

You can just feel the Suits at running it. It lacks "attitude".

I'd venture a bet they're copying... oh I mean "benchmarking", a real 2.0 auto site with 15mill members.

AutobyTel has already unleashed the wolves (aka sales reps) & were dogging me for an order on 2-3 weeks ago. I told them to call me when their site grows up.

Trying to

  • J
    Jeff Kershner
  • July 12, 2007
Nice Joe!! Live the YACWSTTLC, I'm still trying to pronounce it though.

You're totally right..I'm sure Autobytel had one thing in mind with"how can we make more money off of dealer with this?". There is NO WAY I would pay a fee to be on this site until it has 2 feet and can run.
I have been following the and Autobytel partnership for a while and was very disappointed by the final site... and by the misleading site title tags... I can't find the dealers section... where is it.

Plus to search a car I must select the year first... so stupid... and no search function after it returns zero results... and if you press back... it goes to new cars... even when you were searching used cars... I would accept something like that from AutoByTel but Vast... come on... apply that classified magic to myride.

Only good thing is... if your inventory is going to then it is on that site... which is pretty sweet.
Thanks for your honest review of As a Product Manager for, I value your input and candor.

Today, our product in Beta is a chance for us to begin a foundation of a great product that will be heavily influenced by general consumer feedback and need. I will make it a priority to listen to any feedback directly that will help us reach our vision, which is to make the best auto site ever.

Best to you

Eric Cotter
Product Manager
Autobytel /
[email protected]
Direct: 949.225.4544