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The Refresh Recap – Dealer Chat, Call Tracking, CarMax and March Sales

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DealerRefresh – The Blog

Call Tracking – 8 Questions You Need to Ask
Stephen Cravens,  head of sales and marketing at Century Interactive contributed a must read article for dealers looking at new call tracking services.

Live Dealer Chat – Exclusive Interview with Contact At Once!
I sat down with Marc Hayes, the founder and head of products for Contact At Once! for an exclusive interview right after the announcement that would be providing their dealer chat services.

Google +1 – A Boon to Your Dealership or Just Noise
Think of it as a Facebook “like” button, but for Google. How can these changes impact your business? Laurie Halter of Charisma! Communications explains.

Insight Begins By Seeing
Brian Hoecht – CEO & founder of Ai-Dealer contributed an article on how technology is changing the landscape of the dealership. How well does your dealership adapt and embrace technological and process change?

DealerRefresh – The Forum

CarMax EasyShop – Is this the FUTURE of car buying?
You didn’t miss the announcement of CarMax EasyShop did you? ShopEasy allows you complete more of the car shopping process at the convenience from any computer before arriving at the store and IMO. Will CarMax be the big trend setter for full online transaction?

Crisis in Japan – Is your Dealership Worried?
If inventory dries up – should we consider cutting back our marketing? With only so many vehicles to sell, our price per vehicle in advertising could shoot up fast. Who else is worried about the possible reduction in inventory over the next few months?

Your sales for March 2011..Good or Bad?
How did your dealers March numbers come together? Overall it seems as if most DealerRefreshers had a decent month. What will April bring?

How does your dealer Monitor their Reputation Online?
Ed’s question continues to get lots of play. Great informational post, comments and insight for any dealership looking to monitor their online reputation.

April is the Month for Conferences

Digital Dealer 10 is right around the corner! Be sure to study the #DD10 agenda. I offered a few of my personal recommendations and sessions.

WARNING – Your Competition is No Longer Asleep – Join myself and several other key industry professional at the next Automotive Marketing Bootcamp.

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