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ALERT – Internet Explorer Virus Warning

It has been brought to my attention that the DealerRefresh Forums may have an issue with OLDER versions of Internet Explorer. The issue is a possible Trojan virus.

PLEASE – if you’re still using an older version of IE (all you AutoTrader.com employees) – DO NOT visit the forums until we have this issue resolved.

While your waiting for us to get this fixed, PLEASE do yourself a favor and get the hell off of ANY older version of IE.

What browser do you used most and why? Click here to comment in the forums (but not if you’re using IE).


UPDATE: We continue to work on this issue. We are 90% confident we have it isolated and corrected but I want to be sure we are 100% for certain. I’ll post another update when we are 100%.

 UPDATE: Thanks for everyones patience and understanding while we worked through the issues in the DealerRefresh forums and conflicts around Internet Explorer. I’m happy to reports the forums are back to normal and we are 100% confident there are no issues. 

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