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VIDEO: Creating a Personalized Dealership Website

The automotive industry is built on strong relationships and trust. So the shift to digital presents a challenge: bringing that personalized experience to online shoppers without face-to-face interaction. With smart targeting personalization technology, dealerships can create a customized online shopping experience that builds trust, promotes satisfaction, and boosts leads and sales.

A personalized digital dealership provides the one-to-one customization of the brick and mortar showroom.

In this 20-minute webinar recording, DealerRefresh Founder Jeff Kershner along with host Ryan Gerardi sit down with AutoLeadStar Head of Business Development Ilana Zur to discuss “How Smart Targeting Can Customize Online Shopping to Boost Leads and Sales.”

In the recording we address the following questions:

  • Why should dealers consider “Personalization?”
  • What is Personalization?
  • What are some examples of Smart Targeting?
  • What is a Feedback Loop?
  • How do you define Dealer Success with Smart Targeting?

[highlight color=”#d65a3e” font=”#ffffff”]In the webinar we introduce AutoLeadStar’s new White Paper, “Creating a Personalized Dealership Website” which you can download free here or by texting AUTOLEADSTAR to 555888.[/highlight]

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