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VIDEO: Don’t Get Owned Marketing Your Pre-Owned Vehicles

Dealerships love to compete on the amount of new inventory they sell. However, the best margins in auto sales come from used cars. The problem is that digital marketing techniques for new cars just don’t translate well to promoting used cars.

Used cars are completely unique, there is limited OEM marketing support, and sometimes they’re completely off-brand to your dealership.

So how can you market these high-margin vehicles effectively and increase your bottom line?

In this recorded webinar, DealerRefresh Contributor Ian Cruickshank explains how to increase your bottom line by connecting in-market car buyers to your pre-owned inventory.

The following points are discussed:

  • Why your new car marketing doesn’t work well on pre-owned vehicles
  • What new marketing techniques to use and to avoid when promoting your pre-owned inventory
  • How these techniques can easily translate for used in new car marketing
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